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  1. EU Playerbase

    Well, I know it's -1 player now. Been playing for year+ and I had enough. The Cash shop is no longer cosmetic like they once said it would be. The community is so toxic I think you can lose brain cells reading it. No GM moderation at all. No gms at all.... They don't care. They only care that cash shop is making money. Whales are everywhere. Eh, And the endgame is not making me want to stay in this game lol. Whith all these whales flashing that money I can't seem to find the spirit to grind hard for the gear they have in minutes. So yeah. Gl playing this "amazing game". IF you want to watch anime chicks with big boobs and shiny ass just watch hentai.
  2. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    They keep making ways to shove f10.... I think im done with this game for a while. Let the whales enjoy the elitist filled server. Hope it dies soon so you whales can cry that there are no players left when you are the ones who drove them away
  3. Art Request for Gold

    im the best xDD
  4. Login server down again

    I know ncsoft is one of the worst cheap ass companies but I never knew they would stoop so low as to run server on a piece of junk they pulled out of a pile of trash.
  5. Show your Soul Fighter Presets

    Here's mine :3
  6. Im sick of your lies. You killed this game.
  7. Ncsoft doesn't care. This game is just a means to milk some money before it dies.
  8. lol look at all of you experts on how to beat summoners. Yes it will work if you're fighting a noob summoner who doesnt know how to keep his cat or himself alive. But if you're fighting against pro summoners you can forget it :D
  9. Temptation reward

    lol, nolifer got triggered.
  10. NCWest, worst company ever. I hope people start to leave this game and punish ncwest for their crimes.
  11. the only way i know how to teach ncwest a lesson is to not play their server until they fix the bot issue.
  12. Punishment for Undergear and Delaying Players

    Holy shit, this guy is a psychopath.
  13. [REPORT] Fly Hacker in Arena

    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion, we're always looking at ways to improve the player experience and this is an area we are actively working on. We understand how frustrating it is, and we hate it just as much as you do. Melee can't attack though.
  14. [REPORT] Fly Hacker in Arena

    Your antihack is not very good is it. Maybe you should get serious? Im paying money here. Use that money you get from us to maybe install a better antihack system.
  15. Failed to connect to server

    Keep giving them money. good job :D