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  1. Show off your characters!!

    That kinda characters are the best and most funny to watch in these threads which are usually filled with copies of presets :D

    It's ridiculous and pvp is totally unplayable because of the lags/crashing. We are ALL having it, not just nonpremium members. It is that bad im currently thinking to look up some other game to play and spend my money till this problem is sorted out, CLEARLY that server can't handle this much ppl. At least they could change the arena server somewhere else so ppl could enjoy this game for what it's meant for (HOX HOX Lock6, you could suggest that to higher ups).
  3. LOL! Thank god he were gold rank so you can actually see the name.. I hope you report it to support as well?

    I just simply stopped PvP till they fix that sh#t. It's just sad that we can't fully enjoy this game, cuz it's servers are placed in gameboy :(
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Made my Warlock "template" ;)
  6. Well, i don't see anything weird about that video. We were farming terrors last night at windrest with 30-50ppl just like that. After killing terrors at certain channel we moved to next one all together (we shout it each time which one we go) and all moved there till the channel was full. There is indeed something about not getting hit by the aoe (and it's not about iframing), i don't know what triggers that, but yesterday i had same whilst we were killing wyrm, after 10mins of start i didn't get any aoe damage, tho i do get always direct damage if the boss turn on me. Lastly, if you don't get the loot from the terrors, it simply means you didn't do enough damage, Terrors and wyrms is all about your personal input. I were thinking about same.. But weirdly enough that have never happened to any of my friends there.. Ofc that might have to do something with being close-range damage dealer, idk..
  7. ^ Exactly. Even tho i don't have problems to log in (i had once queue 5mins or so) i would be frustrated and mad if i would be in the queue list like 10 hours or so.. Not to mention all EU server names were so horrible it's obvious that ppl would all go to Windrest. People even complained about it, but 0 - ducks given.
  8. We need more hair styles

    That Red is fine to me :3 just wondering if more hairstyles will come in time and especially this mask: