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  1. It is a good start in the right direction, lets keep the ball rolling.
  2. Updated: Added Phoenix Weapon and Syrok Weapon Note: Still not sure what the Naryu Sanctum Sword looks like and there might be a new weapon from the new stages of Mushin tower.
  3. Hey guys sorry for the long time no update to post. Just got back into this game. Took some time off BnS to focus on my studies for college. P.S. Im probably missing 1 or 2 cool skins including the Dragonbone Sword which comes from Dawn of Khanda Vihar 24 man dungeon which I couldn't find a picture of. Any help would be appreciated :3. Thanks
  4. Just added in the ethereal illusion sword and the astral sword which will be included in the next patch on July 20th. Really like the ethereal sword skin, might use it for pvp. For more information message me
  5. like I said at the end of the post. some of the pictures were provided by other people and websites. The costume shown in the be ido phantom weapon is only out in Asia but the weapon skin is available right now. I just couldn't find one in game at the time.
  6. This is just my opinion but I will provide pictures and rankings of my favorite weapon skins available at the time. 1. Be Ido Phantom Sword. - Just recently released drops in 4 man Sundering Nexus from be ido weapon chest. -If you get chest I recommend using a class key to make sure you get your class' weapon. (or sell chest. goes for 20g+ atm). -Side note, I don't know why but it only requires 1 viridian key to open and get the weapon of your class. :D very cheap 2. Ethereal Illusion Sword - Earned through Seed Exchanger Nayon in Windrest. -Seed
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