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  1. Hihi! I dunno about you guys, but poking around in other versions I’ve got my fair share of costumes that I’m hording my NCoin waiting for. (Total sucker for the lyn costumes...) What about you? (also, not pushing this as an “add it now” type of thing… just something fun to share and see what everyone is eager see pop up in the store >u< )
  2. Weapon Illusion Bound To Account Please

    Agree! Especially since they're no longer a 1 time use cosmetic, no reason not to be bound to account.
  3. Has this hat been available?

    Thanks so much for all the info!
  4. This isn’t really anything important, I was just curious if this hat had shown up in the store or an event in recent history. Been eyeballing it for awhile in the wardrobe but hadn’t seen it pop up anywhere d:
  5. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    Friendly reminder that next to pinchy are bombs that can interrupt players without having to be in a faction uniform c: something that can’t be fought back/protected against
  6. Outfit wishlist

    dis one
  7. Lyn Gunner confirmed on KR(?)

    yes please~ *-*
  8. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    Got mah lil cowboy all made and ready to go~!
  9. Alienware Arena Stratus Pack Key Giveaway

    Thanks for the notice! Could finally store all those pesky costumes hogging up inventory space
  10. Phoenix weapon skins

    If you check out part 2 of their recent update stream I believe they preview the skin for all the classes :D
  11. new hairs/ears!!!!

    cant waaait *O* ~
  12. Previous costumes

    i know what ya mean owo started picking up playing again recently and was a little sad at some of them that I missed
  13. When are we getting the new hair/lyn ears?

    stuck between "yay" and "no fair" ;o;
  14. Valentine's Day - Crimson Tide

    fingers crossed for Friday! there's a severe lack of cat costumes as well.....
  15. When are we getting the new hair/lyn ears?

    those new ears ;o; they're all so precious! wans em naow
  16. pirate weapon

    cant salvage mine either :/
  17. Hihi! I love the fact that you can separate the weapon skin from weapons now ^.^ But now that they are savable! was wondering if they could be looped in the same system as costumes, that you can share across account by using outfit deliver stamps. Would love to pass along some I don’t use anymore to a new char any thoughts~?
  18. ooooh agreed *-* especially considering how some really clip into costumes
  19. names

    Issue with that is cross-server content though :c
  20. Valentine's Day - Crimson Tide

    All for more male costumes :D (Sidenote: and what about the cats too ;-; didn’t see anything in the way of matching sets for them either~)
  21. Going into 6v6 like...

    love it
  22. Show off your characters!!

    completely in love with the new costumes <3 My sweet little Pocky with her pocky sword
  23. When are we getting more weapon skins?

    wep skins are so cool ^u^ moar plz <3
  24. Costumes to Look Forward To

    crossing everything I can that this pops up <3 Would be precious on mah lil lyn Would be an adorable addition to the store for Easter too ;)