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  1. Hmmm makes me want to make my own bots with new accounts. I know I wont but so darn tempting.........
  2. Obviously you read my post if you know I am talking about bot armies, so don't be all try to act all righteous. And yes they are definitely bot armies because they are toons with the exact same names with just one letter different following each other centimeters apart. So unless you have eight people that have godly coordinated then yes! It is a bot.
  3. Seriously?!! Why do you bother at all to put in a Report Bot button if you guys at NC Soft do NOTHING AT ALL about the bots?! There are two bot armies that have been reported by multiple people on Poharan servers one that camps the bosses in Misty Woods PVP area and one set that sits all day every day at the golden Deva. They have been reported by so many people. And still they stay there, same toons, same names constantly. And you guys do nothing. Is it okay for us to use bot software? If so let me know, I could really use the extra gold. Because god knows it is impossible to make it in this game, with crafting being outrageous, you now what I mean 25 hours to craft one mining pick and all. I could really use throwing in a few accounts and just botting them all day.................

    I am starting to think that this game is made to support gold farmers! Bid your gold to win items. But only the rich win the items, so it makes you feel the need to buy gold! So only the people who actually stoop low enough to buy gold from the darn spamming gold farmers are the people who are getting the loot!!!!!!!! and then when you are with your friends there is no way to just roll for loot you have to either awkwardly decide who is going to get loot while others are disappointed or fight your own guild mates for loot with gold?! There should be a roll for loot option!
  5. you need to stop loot ninja'ing!!! there should not be the option to change loot to master loot after the last boss encounter has been started!!!! TOO MANY times have I been in a dungeon and after the boss is almost dead the leader changed the loot to master loot and takes ALL of the loot including very rare crafting recipes!!!!!!!! Please fix this ASAP because this is getting out of hand! You are supporting gold farmers and cheaters!
  6. Let's Play A Game :D

    THANKS FROMAGE FOR STARTING THIS THREAD!! It really helped pass the time while waiting for the servers. You rock
  7. Let's Play A Game :D

    OMG I can't believe I missed this. I love this song!. LADY - Kenny Rogers
  8. Let's Play A Game :D

    Roxanne. - The Police
  9. Let's Play A Game :D

    Jaded - Aerosmith
  10. Let's Play A Game :D

    Oh a good one! Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
  11. Let's Play A Game :D

    Hey gives us something to listen to while waiting :)
  12. Let's Play A Game :D

    I prefer the second version of the song I posted LOL. I like the acoustic version better :)
  13. Let's Play A Game :D

    Layla - Eric Clapton!
  14. Let's Play A Game :D

    Jammin' - Bob Marley
  15. Let's Play A Game :D

    Yesterday - Beatles