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  1. nvm. I dont like arguing with you without any evidences. We will see who is the fking rank 1 bd in the following season.
  2. This is obvious okay? The final match time of all of them is like 2-3 hours before the fixing. What does it mean? Normally you will play until 3-4 am for 6v6? Also, none of them even know how to pvp, i met all of them in 6v6, none of them can even 1v1 me in 30 sec. So, my conclusion is that the final correction of leaderboard missed some abusers. But we will see in the following season, whether one of those three bds can even reach plat or not? LOL
  3. When will moderator post the corrected leaderboard info?
  4. There were only 3 diamond bds ahead of me and all of them stop playing by 14th Sep. I wonder who got the rank 1 rewards? Please post the final corrected leaderboard info in order to clarify this issue!!!https://postimg.org/image/3tisf1x8b/
  5. My Clan mate rerolled 25 times to get the ultimate tho I only rerolled 7 times. So 5 times is okay dude.
  6. I think they are just enjoying chasing that sin. It is not because of exploiting or w/e. I'm 100% sure you will meet the same scenario in the next season. LOL
  7. Feelsbadman. I dont even know whether I can get the top1 rewards or not.
  8. Sry for the mistake. Ok i see. So it is better, only one person is try to expose his anger because he is going to be removed from the ladder. Kappa
  9. If you try to search those topics talking about how bad BnS is and they want to quit before yesterday's 6v6 no rewards for leavers announcement, you will find at most one topic per week. However, there comes out 6 new topics talking shit about this game yesterday just after the BnS stream. Why? Why this game suddenly becomes unplayable? I believe everyone should understand why those ppl are trying to expose their anger to this game. And my response is CAPITAL LOL!
  10. I have already submitted ticket. But the response is they need time to investigate. And now the season is ending. Those wintraders are still at diamond and no fixing plan proposed by NCsoft.
  11. Only 14 players are still playing 6v6. #7 Loli #13 Maou Meowgi #22 Damn #28 BackStep #30 Kalza #31 Eat #32 xlucid #33 AznKitty #34 NJShadow #36 CamPaine #41 Renne #45 Evangeline Arashel #46 Vianti #49 Gochew Is the ladder still meaningful for this season? Shouldn't NCsoft handle this issue?
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