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  1. From my play time, the easiest class to see the glaring ping issue is Assassin. Which I argue is probably the most detrimental for ping. If you fight a mirror (sin vs sin), and you have worse ping..... It is blatantly obvious. In fact, the server ping issue is why I stopped playing my sin. Hats off to those that can do it, i don't have the patients to deal with it lol.
  2. Sorry, bro. Trust me, that isn't the issue :) It has been a ping issue (connection to the server) since release actually. Numerous places on the web can actually point it out. Also, if it was hardware. You would get choppyness with the game and not fluid motion. There are times when I will do a move, and i am apparently countered and already into their combo before i get a chance to counter myself (tab, ss, etc, etc). I would agree with you if I didn't have a 3k custom rig. I can play Star Citizen on max setting and sit in Loreville at 70fps. Trust me, it isn't a rig issue
  3. You guys claim that this game is skill based (why you don't let people macro in Esports(oxymoron)) but then all these years later you still have yet to fix the ping issues with this game. Literally every game I play i get awesome ping, here it is just stupid. And things like arena, I would say most of the time the winner is already decided by the time the the match starts due to ping. I mean, I just got out of a game where i hear the countdown. Go in the match and the person is already in my face and i am already in the air getting combo with no counter play.
  4. Just got from break... Why is this still such a cancer thing to get.... At least make it so Achievement points are account wide and not character based. Spent 4hrs farming the mobs and didnt get a single drop.
  5. I would agree if this wasn't just a spare of the moment thing, they put thought into it. Store costumes at the LEAST should have been customizable.
  6. Sorry to be blunt but..... What person at NCSoft thought it would be a "Good idea" to introduce something like the Tailor Shop and then gate it behind some of the most horrible looking costumes ever created? I know the costumes comment is opinion but still. Tailor Shop is a GREAT idea, why would you make it only for literally 9 costumes out of like 500 costumes in the game? You didn't even make it so the HM Store costumes are customizable... Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea? I reinstalled after a break for the soul reason of being able to customize some
  7. I know the struggle. Though for most classes in arena, Ping is the biggest issue. This is apparent when you go Sin into Sin and you both Tab at the same time, 90% of the time I am the one that ends up getting hit and they are already behind me stabbing me before I get the animation update that i have been tabbed. This isn't FPS lag either, I get 90+ all the time it is latency lag. Actually why I switched to summoner, while Summoner still has lag issues to deal with. Because of the pet it isn't as debilitating to deal with since the pet is AI server side. You also have to un
  8. or maybe they are climbing :) You also realize some people lose to stay in low elo just to grief others right lol.
  9. When everyone is anonymous, it makes it difficult to report cheaters... It breeds an environment that they can thrive in without repercussions.
  10. I retract my comment partially. Looks like it is only pre-20 that this happens... Scared me for a bit... Carry on about your day citizens.
  11. Why did you make it harder to level again....? It wasn't bland enough leveling without the buff... You streamline the weapons making dungeons irrelevant and now we are forced to do side quest grinding again... Not cool.
  12. Move 2 of grasping roots seems to be broken. Worked pre-patch, post it doesn't seem to work. Shows the animation but doesn't do anything it should.
  13. pvp shield requires wins in to unlock lol
  14. Is this for whales only? because i am not really sure.... You seem to like to force people into it for a daily but then you go up against people that dualwield credit cards? Make Battlefield like arena where everyone is on equal footing, that way it is skill and teamwork that wins and not how much money you can throw at the monitor... I question if NCSoft even knows how to balance a game?
  15. Is it me or is this class stupidly dependent on ping? I dont mind a challenging class, that is why i picked it. But I think i lose more to ping than to the class i am fighting...... When i zone in they are already in my face, and let's be real. Against a bd,bm or a kfm. You pretty much already lost.
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