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  1. 100% this. There is almost no new player retention because of them being clueless. I invited around 10 people to try this game and all of them quit before level 20 saying the game was too easy (1 shotting mobs). While the game being easy is a very big misconception, it's what new players see and experience. On the other hand developers are doing the opposite by making combat easier but not reducing storyline by cutting out useless parts of it. But there is much more to talk like marketplace, gear patch, pvp etc. etc. Too many things to talk that I should just start a new po
  2. If you have rodents eating your cables then you would have problems also in other games. A faulty cable doesn't just give you a problem in 1 specific game.
  3. Just keep doing story. You will get a soul shield set eventually.
  4. Yes. Meanwhile I gave up on this glove. I was having fun with the game but now I'm burned out. It's not fun anymore after 141 runs and no reward.(not even vial drop)
  5. Nope players wanted to play it because of combat which also translate to pvp, raid, dungeons etc. Not the grind. No one is the right mind woul chose a game for grind. Otherwise they would go play BDO instead of bns. I've been playing the game since 2014 and I know what attracted lot of people. It wasn't a grind fest in the begining. People were enjoying and having fun. The game changed. What happened when all these grind items were introduced? The audience just left. Servers got merged. The game changed the fundamentals that attracted the audience(which is not being overly grindy and re
  6. 1st of all the essence of the game is not grinding. You have been playing the game wrong if you think that. The essence of bns is the amazing combat, dungeons, raids, pvp and the story. Infact the game has many ways to skip the grind either by paying or just straight out getting lucky(which is a bad mechanic because it also can go the other way just like it happened to me). And yes it should adapt to the audience or you would be a bad businessman. You don't sell bananas to lions. You sell bananas to the monkeys. If you are trying to sell banana to lions then you are failing your job.
  7. The audience left the game. Grinding is not hard. Mindless grinding like this with no reward is just bad. I don't understand why you are defending this system when they already offer legendaries for 100 runs. They already changed the game for the audience. Eu is different from other servers. China is different from other servers. Korea is different from other servers. As you can see they changed the game for the audience. By saying "the audience should look for another game" is like saying "Let the game die because there is no audience for it". How many servers did they have to merge to f
  8. 100 runs is for legendaries. This item is just a purple. 10 run is fine since you still need to run it around 25 times to get 5 emblems. And you need to do it 2 times. I got my 25 emblems for "legendary" necklace before hitting 100 runs.. It might be a grind game in korea. It's for "koreans". This is europe and na. Adapt the game to the audience. Grinding is not difficulty. Add difficult dungeons and reduce grind. I wonder why they had to merge so many servers into 1. If you don't play all day you are not gonna catch up. In this case even if you play all day you are not gonna drop
  9. Is there rng element in getting legendary glove, belt, bracelet etc? There is, up to a certain point where you are allowed to buy it after completing the achievement. This is a "purple" item. It's not supposed to take me 115+ runs for 1 glove when I need 2 to upgrade my legendary glove. For an item like this 10 run achievement + 5 Alpha emblems (which should take around 25 runs for 5 emblems if you get 2 fragments per run) is fine. Endless grind based on luck is just bad. With a droprate like this I could never drop it in my life.
  10. The 1st point I made is that the drop rate can remain the same... Just add it to a mechant where I can buy it for Alpha emblems. So you have to use more alpha tokens than the one you get from salvaging.
  11. 115 now.. Imagine new players going through this. Grind that has an end is good. Endless grind based on luck is the worst decision ever made.
  12. I did my 100 runs and got the legendary glove glove from BC. Now I'm at 103 runs at Den of ancients and 0 gloves dropped. Here's the thing... The droprate can be the same as now. Just add another way to get these gloves just like every other legendaries. This dungeon was released 8 months ago and there is still no way to get the mao gloves from achievement. Funny thing is you need 2 of them. Am I supposed to farm this dungeon 1000+ times till I die just because I'm unlucky? no thanks. I sent this to support and they agree, Told me to post on the forums so here I am.
  13. Tab spin from destroyer or blade dancer stuns kung fu master when countering even though the skill says "immune to stun/daze for 2 seconds after successful counter". Here's how to reproduce it Note that the word "counter" appears on the screen http://prntscr.com/9vw0ii
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