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  1. While we are at it... Can we have a toggle to turn our weapon invisible until in-combat? It is kinda hassle to unequip a bulky axe for screenshot and reequip it again. If you are unlucky and aggro a mob while weaponless, expect some fun running away. Also, Summoner should be able to instant kill their cat by unequipping weapon. It only takes them five seconds to resummon the thing, and they never kill their cat to have trouble in PvE/PvP unless they want to take selfie without their pesky feline pet.
  2. Floor 16-19 can drop bracelets. It is rare, but still drop. I get two of mine from floor 19. If you cannot pass floor 18, something to review: -Is your gear sufficient enough? If your gear is just below stage 7 legendary, you will have a hard time there. -Does you do the challenges at optimal ping (not need to be low, just stable with no lag spike)? It is affect your performance greatly. -Do you know the boss rotation? Some bosses have instant-kill techniques that requires you to iframe them when it happens. The only way to skip is having high enough gear to burst th
  3. Alt clans cannot chat with each other :/ An alliance channel/user-created channel is the best solution for multi-clan chat, aside from using third-party programs (Discord, Curse...), which not every one use.
  4. They can just sell the skin on F10. Money guaranteed :P
  5. There is a few things to note: -ToI is just released in KR in January last year. NA follows six month behind, released on June 1 last year. So, NA color is around nearly one season behind KR, but now manage to catch up. -KR never re-rotate an old color before. They just keep moving toward new colors, and I think they won't ever go back to one of the old color seasons. -Old color badges are obtain-able through Trove in KR. -The current soul badge even is actually a nerfed compared to what KR has. In KR, you can salvage fleeting soul badges for a correspondingly-colored ToI t
  6. At the current gear, tested by a max-geared Earth Sum, Magnum and Alluvion have similar DPS. Alluvion provide a more brain-dead rotation (normal LMB RMB vs rush yourself stacking three Magnum buff) and works better on mobile target.
  7. *Look back at the Celestial Basin event where they revamped the boss' HP and lower credit requirement for special chests after an array of complaints* What defeatism gives you is a always a defeat.
  8. I said 80k DPS for Dawn vs 100k+ DPS for Raven. Dawnforge/Riftwalk is technically Raven, but without the skill modifier (not worth it on some class) and additional elemental damage on main DPS skills. For some class (like Des and WL), Rift might be a better choice cuz it affects their core skills a lot. Dawn, however, is technically just a weaker version of Raven. I use Rift 3 with full BT gear, and my DPS is on par with a Raven 3 without full BT gear. My normal DPS is 85-90k unbuffed and can reach 100k with buff, but it depends on how long the downtime for DPS (doing m
  9. Yes please. I need more outfits for my trap :3
  10. ToI bots seem have instant reaction not cuz of zero ping. But cuz they are programmed to receive the player's command input when the command is sent to the server side, I believe. For example, if you press LMB as a FM, the server will both record your input and send the data to the bot at the same time. Since they are programmed to react in a certain way, they will instantly execute their reaction when receiving the data the same time your input is recorded. For example, a Des bot will make a perfect deflect spin despite the LMB is made at point-blank range.
  11. tl:nr: It sucks. Here is my rant: -Fleeting badges are RNG. You cannot choose a specific badge that you want to try out. So you might get 10 chest per day, wanna try the green badge, but only to get red and green badges. -Fleeting badges expire even you don't equip them. Honestly, one hour expiration is too short to actually experience it in F12 and dungeon runs. -Fleeting badges when expired only worth one copper, which is kinda disappointing. -The permanent badge chest looks like a cheaper solution with half of ToI tokens requirement. However, it only works fo
  12. Come on, why no fox pet yet? :3 Some ideas for normal skin and awakened skin: -Normal Fox -> White/Golden Fox -Normal Fox -> Nine-tailed Fox (in KR, there is Kumiho, which is a nine-tailed fox monster) -Nine-tailed Fox -> Nine-tailed Fox Girl
  13. Only whale and impatient people go Bale/Seraph 10 -> Raven 1, and upgrade from there. The amount of Elysian crystal and Raven's Soul cost you an arm and an leg. Unlike soulstone, moonstone, as well as Xanos Discs which you can farm, Raven's Soul can be only obtained once or twice in a weekly raid and from F5, and with gold inflation, they are hella expensive. Elysian crystal for Raven 1-3 requires a huger amount, which is a pain to grind or buy. My friend got impatient and go with Seraph 10 -> Raven 1 for like a month and a half ago, and now he is still at Raven 1 and a non-c
  14. Summoner: +Can heal while moving. Or even while wildwalking without enter combat-state. +Can send cat to rez a single member without affecting their DPS. +Can rez party when dead. The boss will not reset and target the cat the whole party is down. If successful, you will continue the fight where you has left. This is used to cheese Boss 3 in Spire raid. +Can self-rez or protect themselves while Chi-recovery with cat. +Can manually rez two people at once if needed. +Can greatly shorten Chi-Recovery with the aid of cat. -The Inspiration buff does not apply on t
  15. Here is my idea: Class: Rage Master Weapon: Double-bladed Staff Elements: Wind/Shadow. Unique class mechanic: -Have no Chi bar -Have a Rage bar which is empty. Some strong skills will fill up the bar, while some weak skills will decrease it. Rage bar will also get filled when you're "Annoyed" when CCed, and decrease when you iframe. -The higher your Rage bar is, the stronger your characters become. -When your Rage bar is filled up, your characters enter Maximum Rage, become extremely strong with all offensive stat increase drastically.
  16. Would be cool if they use Windrest as an event playground. That place is very calming and surprisingly promote interaction between players.
  17. The recoil is too much for their thin arms to handle.
  18. It provides you some basic knowledge about your class. Well, better than Brother Hajoon, I guess. It also gives best 15-45 elemental accessories, providing your can finish the training of different level. However, it is very ping sensitive. If you have high ping, you might not be able to do some advanced combo. While the reward is not that great at end-game, you might feel something missing in your heart, seeing the icon of HM training room saying that you still not yet complete the combo. A destroyer on reddit already wants to quit the game due to this, even though he
  19. Twisted Mirror is just one of many methods for NCWest to use as a gold sink. It costs you over 1,000 gold to change your weapon? Cool for them, cuz it means they have made 1,000 gold disappeared from the market, hence contributing to reduce gold inflation. The cost will also get be cheaper with higher premiumship rank, thus promote the purchase of premiumship.
  20. Try to log in your Humble account with a VPN on. If nothing changes, ask them for a refund, then you re-purchase the thing with a VPN on. Work for me. Also, Crossout-Thug is the name of a game included in the bundle. It has nothing related to the contract between NCSoft and Garena.
  21. You can be with your friends when your/you realize that you're in the minority, and if you want to farm SSP, you have to be in the majority. Unless you are super-whale where you farm SSP farmers instead. In any case, this game's faction system is a joke, and dividing two bigger jokes into four smaller jokes is not very good idea. Also, while it is good-sounding to have Dark/Light path, it will double the work for the developers. You can re-use a dungeon for story-telling, but you have to re-design it to suit the Dark/Light path. It doubles the work, while NCSoft gains nothing from
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