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  1. Not really. You cannot join Dark clan if you go Light, and vice versa. So it would be suck if you cannot join the same clan as your friends, just cuz you prefer Dark while they go Light. It also makes a hassle to develop Dark/Light path for stories later.
  2. The path was not branched in Cinderland, but in Moonwater where you first met Mushin. He asked you to follow him and master Dark Arts or sticks with Hongmoon Arts. Depend on your path, the story would turn out different. However, this divided players base into four: Crimson - Dark, Crimson - Light, Cerulean - Dark and Cerulean - Light, which was not a good idea. So NCSoft changed it to the current and linear storyline.
  3. Just spam F and continue the story then. Who needs Mushin's Legacy when you can do this instead?
  4. Tried to take a picture while Momo was frozen. A little too late and I took the pic the moment she broke out of the ice instead. Still pretty :3 Found out that the eye patch and beret hat make a nice combo :P Momo is now available in Chibi form. And there are two of them! :D
  5. Even the law has conditions to lessen the punishment your crime. Having a reasonable reason makes you gain the sympathy of the judge and easier for your lawyer to talk a way that make your punishment lessened. Doing crime for fun just makes the judge have their blood boiled and decided what they think to be the heaviest punishment. There is even case where heavy crime like murder is declare innocent if you have mental problem. Same crime, different motivations, different results. Back to the topic, as long as NCWest is not serious abo
  6. In TW, it is a separated function from Daily Dash. You can have both.
  7. I think NCSoft can just add Nexus back, along with Talus Dungeon to replace some Gloomross and Shrieking Cavern daily. Reasons: the bosses of these two dungeons are needed for HM skill achievements. Thanks to the removal of Nexus from DC roster, now HM Book Volume 3 has skyrocketed in price.
  8. No one said that coding is easy and such. When you ask customers to bear with you, you have already admitted that your service sucks. If it is not for BnS is a MMO where people can grow attached to it, customers would have already left for others who can offer better services and less excuses. The thing is that editing xml is very easy with a few simple tools, and the effect it gives are not deniable. Some people are plagued by low FPS despite of having high-end PC, or don't have the money to move into NCWest's basement to play their game there. NCWest are also not very actively in
  9. No one knew until a xml editor sniffed it out, lol. I wonder how many hidden functions that NCSoft have cramped into their too-easy-to-access xml files. -DPS Meter for Normal Mode -Turn off a function that cause arena lag. -Tweak global cooldown latency for better skill response. -Now is this hidden Optimized Mode. What's next? Enable the hidden chest sliders for Lyn?
  10. Let say: -There hungry people who will either die out of hunger or commit a crime to survive. -There is house that forgets to lock the door, inside where has a fridge full of food that can handle their hunger. When hungry people see such a house: +Some are scared of being arrested, so they ignore it and try to find some other way to deal with their hunger. Maybe they will find it. Maybe they will give up and die out of hunger. +Some knows the consequences, but still taking risk stealing from the house so that they can get a full stomach, or else they will die out of
  11. Sorry if I sound so like a snapping turtle, but seriously, what with people using Rumblebee Move 3 for end-game PvE content then claims it weaker than PvE Sunflower? Move 3 Rumblebee is not a PVE build. It is a PvP build where you where you get focus-free bee spam when conditions are meet. Since its conditions are very easy to pull, it should be weak enough, or you would break PvP balance. Move 1 Rumblebee is the true build of Wind build in PvE. It is very focus-hungry, and should be, since it can be spammed much faster than Sunflower when you can manage your focus rege
  12. If your ping is high (I say about 250ms+ in-game), you should go to Seraph and stick to Earth build. it is more ping friendly If your ping is lower, Baleful works good for both Wind and Earth build.
  13. When you select Seraph, you accept a no-reset life. There is pretty much no way to trigger Seraph reset reliably, and the proc rate is very horrible. You can stand still for 4 minutes in TOI and you still not get a reset. Only when you moves to Riftwalk/Raven, you can properly reset. Seraph is not an optimal weapon for Wind build despite of the better focus regen it gives. It favors Earth build more where your main damage comes from both Nettle and Sunflower, and Seraph makes you throw more Nettle. Wind build's main damage comes from Rumblebee. Move 1 Rumblebee is slightly stro
  14. At current gear: Wind is 10-15% more DPS than Earth. The higher your ping is, the narrower the gap between build. In future gear: Earth goes ahead of Wind, since Julia equipment boosts Earth build a lot. Both build uses LMB RMB and basically the same rotation at the current gear. Do you use Move 1 or Move 3 Rumblebee? Only Move 3 has the ability to just hold RMB, but it is a pvp build and is weaker than Move 1. No matter which situation is (even after Petal Storm Toss and Seed Shroud), LMB + RMB is the way to go for Move 1.
  15. I think xml supporters should stop bothering themselves with people who does not even understand what xml editing can really do. They are as well the same level of people who label everyone playing a Lyn character as lolicon and pedophile. No matter how well and convincing your attempt to explain is, they will never want to listen and will stubbornly stick to that way of thinking till their graves.
  16. Nah, they won't bother to read or try to understand what is it about. It just simply goes like this: ->Heard that someone does something that gives the game's better performance ->Heard that it might risk a ban ->Not dare to use it cuz do not want to get banned ->See people who dare the risk and enjoy better performance ->Get jealous and wish for them all get banned, while feeling mighty for not using it. ->People don't get banned and continue to use them. Now feel being a victim while all other people are cheaters.
  17. Remind me of Final Fantasy XII or XIII's battle system :D
  18. Sorry for not being clear enough. I mean the power to sell items on marketplace, as well as manage my sales items (pull them down).
  19. I just put this here. Intercept it however you want. I think NCSoft classifies players' client modification into two categories: bannable and ignorable. If you modify it to super-advantages against other players, like have infinite focus, permanent stealth (like hacking Summoners in 1v1 last year), it is bannable. This, however, cannot be modded through changing a few lines in xml. You need a hack tool for that, and this is a serious offense. Meanwhile, if it is something you can modify through xml, it is ignorable.
  20. I want the power to sell and manage my items on the marketplace within a raid :x
  21. If anything, this discourages people from buying weapon skins from F10. Not many F2P and low-premium rank people are willing to pay to spend 20-30g (I heard it is 50g for Raven) for every time they switch skins, so they will only stick with the only one skin that they like the most -> no reason to buy weapon skins -> look whose sales get suffer. The fact that NCSoft goes from selling individual weapon skin last year to a bundle of weapon skin this year shows that the sales are not very good to begin with. I have premium rank 10 and love changing weapon skin to fit
  22. Kinda funny cuz Dreadtide weapons come from Dreadtide Arena, so I don't know where is the better place to drop them, lol. I heard they remove it cuz bots grind-farm them for profits.
  23. I don't mind they gate super-rare critical results in a matrix of RNG (you have critical first, then you have to get a good critical, then you need to get a high-quantity critical at the same time). It is kinda sad they gate something purely cosmetic to a RNG wall though. Maybe they should learn about how KR outfit box does its justice: If you open a box and get the outfit you don't want, you can salvage it for a special fabric to trade for what you want later. Similarly, there should be a Trove tokens, which players gain for each Trove roll they get.
  24. Except for the first day after maintenance, the spawn time between bosses will be 43 minutes. There are people making timers, but it might not very accurate cuz the spawn time is different between server group. Most simple way is trying to get info about the announcement time, put it on an excel sheet, add 43 minutes then drag it down. You will have timer for the whole week that way.
  25. Momo in Troveland: -First 200 keys -Second 200 keys Averagely 10 critical results for each 200 keys. No Raven Soul. No Ploggle Pal Not a single oil. 10 sealed orbs and 5 brilliant keys worth the most, making this trove actually profitable. Blue reskin of Galaxy Staff. regret deeply Three critical times give Character-bound and already-learn Hongmoon books (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Two hepta-gem critical times. Not interested in any of them so get something else.
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