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  1. its getting bad

    99% of players use bots? Uh, no... Getting out of grabs is incredibly easy in this game. I don't have the reaction time needed to get out of grabs in most fighting games and I nail most of my escapes in Blade and Soul. I am not sure how to tell you this, but your approach is probably too predictable. Maybe you are using too many CDs too early? Maybe your spec doesn't work for PVP... You should spend some time learning how to play your class. If there are a bunch of bots in the gold + range I wonder why I never see them.
  2. Wait, people actually queue for Plague Hollow? Why? You can walk in and clear it solo almost as quickly as you can go through the lobby to get a party.
  3. People complaining about Warlocks

    The only difficulty in playing a Warlock so far has been learning combos and skills. It's not even so much that it's hard as that there is no intuitive process. I probably won't learn what half my skills do before I hit level 45. Everything dies too fast. It's not even worth stopping to read skill descriptions leveling up because of how much damage the Warlock does effortlessly.(which is not so much a complaint so much as an acknowledgement) I forget I even have a thrall half the time. I don't need it for leveling.
  4. Okay, I blocked the account and have deleted the mail so I'm glad to hear I haven't made a mistake. I can't report the name of the specific account as I've already deleted the mail, but If I get any more I'll be sure to report the name. Thanks for the response!
  5. Trying to figure out which one should i get ...

    If you are specifically asking for the sake of this game then I'd suggest the Asus for the better processor. Honestly there is not much of a difference between those machines and I suspect they would both run this game moderately well.
  6. I've read that players have been banned for this reason and I want to preemptively ask about it/say something. My own account is likely flagged as I've received a few 1 copper messages at this point. I made a point of losing money on the deal by opening them remotely, but I've no idea if a human will ever look over that information or not. Are people getting banned for accepting the one copper gold spam messages in order to delete that gold spam from their mailbox? Refusing to open that mail stops us from sending mail to our other characters. I even tried blocking the gold spammer who messaged me. I waited for several days and it didn't go away. There is no other means for transfers between characters on an account. If players are getting flagged for that reason that is seriously messed up and needs staff attention. I haven't been banned FYI, but this is concerning... If I get any more of these messages I would like to know what I am expected to do with them. I realize that even interacting with a gold seller in an MMO is enough to get players auto banned from some games. I watch the weekly live streams and I haven't seen this addressed. If anyone has an authoritative answer I'd appreciate it.
  7. EU/NA Outfit to both regions

    This is what I know.
  8. EU/NA Outfit to both regions

    I want the Japanese contest outfit.
  9. I Don't Want To Fight In This !!

    I like the personality faction outfits bring to the game and I don't want to see that change. I'd be cool with more faction outfits for each faction.
  10. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    Thanks for the tip on the 15 second buff. My friends are usually willing to wait, but I do feel uncomfortable being unable to pull threat off someone else so I'll probably stick with Guiding Fist for now. I have Q,E,C and Z all set to i-frame right now. I feel like it's extra important to have as many as possible since I don't really know my way around most boss fights yet. If I press the button early in a panic I still have another and my buddies are none the wiser. >_> I'll probably only look at removing them once I am much more comfortable with the class. I hadn't considered using Z and V as a double stun. I don't want to spoil my friends too much and I love using the heal and I-frame on Z, but thanks for the tip. If I need that for any of our fights I'll know I have it available. I'm usually running around without any points in tremor unless I specifically need to pull mobs toward me to group them up. I'll keep the 300% bonus in mind if I need it. Thanks for the tip! And people said this community isn't helpful... You guys are great! Thanks for all the help.
  11. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    Guiding Fist? I've been using it primarily in combination with SS as needed to avoid attacks.(or on the occasion I take a hit and go flying) Does it have a spec for increased threat? I guessed I missed it. I am using counter specced for threat. If DPS is my main way to build threat then I think I've got the general idea and just need more practice. I was just barely able hold threat off my buddies who all have a sirens weapon and I don't have mine yet. Every time I missed a beat they pulled hate off me, but I held onto it most of the time. KFM is a secondary focus so it's likely my friends will always have better gear than my KFM. I guess I have a good reason to spend more gold on my KFM. I actually didn't realize that sirens bracelet can change stats. I'll keep an eye open for that. That is very helpful to know. Thanks for the tips!
  12. Tanking: How Does It Work?

    Hello, I am a noob looking for tips. I've been playing my KFM and I feel like I am getting a feel for DPS in PVE content. In PVP I pretty much hope to die quickly so that I can respawn and get back to questing... KFM is my secondary focus so I'm not too concerned about PVP right now. I'm going to work on clearing Mushin's Tower before I even think about PVP. Searing Palm rotations are both fun and challenging. I am enjoying the class, but I can clearly see that I need to do some research to get the most out of it. I am not looking for a full skill build, but I've found myself confused about how threat mechanics work. It seems my primary method of generating threat is a combination of doing damage and using counter. I am wondering if tanking with a KFM is really as... How to put it... Is KFM tanking really as intense as I've been making it? What should I be doing to keep an enemy focused on me when I want it? What can I do to avoid threat when I don't want it? How much threat does using counter give me when I have bonus threat specced? Should I be using the skill that gives me 150% bonus threat for 15 seconds for tanking? If so how does that mechanic actually work? Is it similar to a SMN's kitty taunt? Is there anything else I should be doing when I want to hold agro? Help with any of the above questions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Pale Stalker censored?

    Hrmm, the extra designs on the skin is pretty ugly. I hope they simply made a mistake and fix this.
  14. Summoner Patch

    We could use a patch. It would be nice to have a way to deal with destroyers and players with skill. >_>
  15. New RNG Box in Shop!

    Looking at this purely based on the cosmetics I don't mind the way it's done in Old Republic. You can sell the costumes which means players can buy and trade costumes either with other players or friends. Even Tera manages this better than what BnS has implemented.