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  1. Hrmm, the extra designs on the skin is pretty ugly. I hope they simply made a mistake and fix this.
  2. My two cents. Please make this change permanent. Needing to buy an item for something that should imo be account bound in the first place is annoying. Needing to buy it every time I want to mail a costume is purely obnoxious. I'd rather a more expensive permanent item than a cheap one time use item. I am doubtful you will make many people happy with a temporary change either way. In fact, you will even bring in the people who have more or less accepted the fact that we can't trade costumes on our own accounts and disappoint us too.
  3. Screenshot is from beta, but this is the character I decided to level first in release. still need to go back and earn this outfit again. No luck so far.
  4. Personally I think the equivalent of boob jiggle isn't bulge jiggle, but pec flex. Gotta get chest equality right first and foremost... >_>
  5. In my experience with my own friends who do it, they are in fact laughing at it and laughing at it is simply part of the fun. It's kind of like the Blade and Soul way of talking about the weather. Have nothing else to talk about? Talk about the way your outfit comes to life and does a dance while you are killing monsters. >_>
  6. That feeling when you realize bigger than a character's head isn't big enough for some folks. Personally I don't care much either way. I think the ridiculousness of this game is part of the fun, but I also think we have plenty of that. If anything I wish they would fix the torpedo problem some outfits have.(Ashes in the fall and the starter crimson outfit) I've no love or demand for realism, but they are awkward and inconsistent even by Blade and Soul standards.
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