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  1. https://twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/885191237577220096 Do you know what "reliable" means?
  2. there are many tricks and guides everywhere with tips to help with the fps drops and such but this shouldnt be a problem when I have a high-end PC and im trying to play a 4-5 years old game also these tips doesnt help everyone
  3. The thing is, this events are designed for a server like the Korean were there is only 1 country playing and its ok having only 5 channels for Harvest or were each channel of SS Plains has like 30 - 40 players doing the event max and they might be ok with optimize for combat and ctrl+f but NA/EU servers have so much more players that makes impossible to do it in the current state
  4. So, I was wondering if anyone from the NCWest staff can answer me about how I'm supposed to do Harvest were I have to wait 1 hour in a channel because you guys made the event only in 5 channels and like each channel can have idk 30-50 players? to Crash when the event starts because this "optimization" is totally awful and having a high-end PC doesn't matter. Same with Soulstone Plains, crashing all the time with Optimize for combat active ctrl+F active and names hiden so its pointless to buy a prestige points scroll because you end diying or crashing losing all your works.
  5. This whine is stupid, you need to be good and farm a lot in both pvp/pve to get a lot of soulstones. in PVE if you are good enough and have the patience to farm you can get limitless amounts of soulstones with BW/Terrors in PVP if you are good enough and have the patience to farm you can get limitless amounts of soulstones with zen beans and even like this you still will need to do dailies to get the certificates too. stop whine, both options needs the same to be profitable.
  6. Why feed the troll? this is just another noob who doesnt have a clue about how this game works, its broke and now have to flame the game to try to feel less incompetent. every game EVERY SINGLE GAME will have people that will spend money in a legal or illegal way to get advantages over players that dont spend money, that doesnt mean you can't get the same without paying, thats why this game isnt p2w, just because someone can waste IRL money to get the skillbook faster than you doesnt mean you cant get it without using your IRL money. learn to play and you will see that
  7. Just a quick guide made by request with some tips and tricks to do Blackwyrm with good DPS and low risk. 1 Minute guide Blackwyrm for Force Masters
  8. +100... a whole day but ive heard of ppl with over 240 runs and only 2 pieces
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