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  1. https://twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/885191237577220096 Do you know what "reliable" means?
  2. Why feed the troll? this is just another noob who doesnt have a clue about how this game works, its broke and now have to flame the game to try to feel less incompetent. every game EVERY SINGLE GAME will have people that will spend money in a legal or illegal way to get advantages over players that dont spend money, that doesnt mean you can't get the same without paying, thats why this game isnt p2w, just because someone can waste IRL money to get the skillbook faster than you doesnt mean you cant get it without using your IRL money. learn to play and you will see that
  3. +100... a whole day but ive heard of ppl with over 240 runs and only 2 pieces
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