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  1. well yeah it looks better >: but the fact that they pretty much cropped it from the outfit for the jins instead of slightly annoys me ): would have looked better if they did something along the lines of what they did for the yuns
  2. So I was just looking at costumes from other versions to get an idea of what we will eventually get and came across this costume. I really like it alot but as a person who mains a jin it was kind of sad to see how little work went into the costume for jins. I couldnt find very clear pictures for all of them but it should show what I mean It honestly doesnt look as good on the hins as it pretty much looks like they cropped half of the temptation costume and threw it onto the jins version lol
  3. I wish costumes were sold more frequently 2 costumes every 2 weeks is kinda stupid and what happens is everyone ends up buying them so everyone is running around looking the same >: idk I wish they had a better system buttt its cool but what i HATE about this costume is how for lyns and jins they pretty much ripped off the temptation top and boots while gons get something new and cool. So annoying
  4. i never used my skin from mater pack but it disappeared lmao idk where it went
  5. it does drop from the wheel alot of people have it too
  6. I'd honestly be kinda pissed off if they made it account bound lmao. At the time i was forced to play an alt because my main (warlock) was not released yet, after reading that its bound on char I didnt bother getting it. Only way Id say fine to it would be if they released it again ): only fair to warlocks and soon to be chi masters
  7. Something really needs to be done about darts. I just spent everything getting my gear up to true breeze/true oathbreaker only to find out i now need 640 more darts this rng box did nothing the darts are still high priced on the market. To the people who are going to say just farm them you will still have to bid for them at around the same price and if you farm with clan/friends gl getting 640 while you're sharing darts.
  8. wonder how prices would be if they released an rng box with some of the mats in them like darts.
  10. So after looking back on previous streams I noticed hello kitty costumes were talked about and the legal aspects that would have to be taken to get it >: well a petition needs to be started to motivate you to start getting the go ahead BECAUSE I NEED THIS Q_Q
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