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  1. I wish costumes were sold more frequently 2 costumes every 2 weeks is kinda stupid and what happens is everyone ends up buying them so everyone is running around looking the same >: idk I wish they had a better system buttt its cool but what i HATE about this costume is how for lyns and jins they pretty much ripped off the temptation top and boots while gons get something new and cool. So annoying
  2. it doesnt work for me ;-; i followed the steps exactly but when i login the npcs dont have any voices at all
  3. I never read the text anyway the voices just bothered me. If you have a villain saying "hehehe" then you need to seriously re-evaluate the direction you were taking with your translating.
  4. did anyone have any problems doing this? I'm considering doing it right now o:
  5. I was actually hoping we could change the voices to Japanese (mostly due to me watching the anime) but I have to agree the voice acting is terrible actually even some of the npc texts are awful but I skip through that mostly. I don't understand many of the changes to be honest like is "yes man" supposed to be the pleasure gang? like did that really need a name change and seriously ? "yes man" no one could have picked something that didn't sound completely stupid. Give us the option of choosing the voice overs from the launcher please~ It could be somewhat like the censoring on othe
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