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  1. Hello@Hime

    Please enable an anticheat for BNS and perma ban the cheaters. 

    I play and love this game since release, it's an unique one. 

    Thank you for your efforts to bring us engine4 and make it great to play.

    It will be the best game if we have an anticheat program .

    No anticheat program= no players, i'll stop too if the game will continue without an anticheat program.

    Thank you, Best regards^^


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    The time i've been waiting for UE4 worth it. The best update ever, a diffrent world  and everyhting so amasing to be able to play without latency and admire the environement. From the release of BNS untill today i still love this game unique .

    So i want to Thanks to developpers, i want to say thank you for all of  you who's worked hard to provide to us this wonderful game.

    Thank you for this update !!!!

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  3. The unskilled and ungeareed player will allways complain.

    The ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ too . It's a fact that as much gear you have your dps increase and the time battle too,  so normally you have a better score, just plebs don't know this. 

    Without knowing any mechanic of this game , unables to gather 6 players to play together and have a decent performance just complain  that you don't understand what i'm writening, normal.

    Then the super players who are unable to do with thornbreaker more then  37k points in cm just come on forum and start to cry, really mushrooms.

    If you are that good, why u hide even on the forum? 

    Ashamed of what? to ppl know you? you haven't the guts to give your ingame name,  you come undercover and come to babycry and you want top in cm, you must deserve it dude.

    Let me see u at list your rank for example in spectral shine . Th most players of  top cm are ranked everywhere not like you. 

    When somebody farm and play as crazy  the plebs don't like: "oh he pay, oh he have visa".

    It's a fact that the bigest player of this server it's Leitna, and nowbody of you will be able to say he pay for this game becouse nowbody farmed like him, nowbody in this game have his achievements, the proof of play.

    So go outside take some air , refresh your brain, buy a better computer for a better ping to be able to play.

    I understand that you haven't visa, u haven't  good pc, u haven't good conection, u haven't skill, the only thing lest : complain for top players .

    Go ahead^^

  4.     To Ncsoft and Mr.Hime

    The "ERROR" of weapon it's:  about 2 month and half f we can make steelbreaker stage6. How many players got it? Many. You open the second path of upgrade 2 weeks ago and everybody made tickets to revert the weapon to be able to upgrade it stage 6 instantly. What about us? the left players? You want to corrige your mistake by punishing us?
    You disrespect us.
    You want the players paying for your mistake by making diffrence between who have the weapon and not.
    What about season end now in august? The players who will have the weapon will be top and the players who don't have the weapon can't get a better rank right?= Less hmcoins.
    Same story for challenge mode: more dmg, better score right? = Less hmcoins.
    How you can fix all this Mr.Hime?
    Did you ever think one second to be in my place Mr. Hime? 
    Did you can feel what feel the players who can't get the weapon and upgrade it like all others who have it?
    Mr. Hime, you lack of justice , of fair-play and respect towards us, the gamers.
    Shame on you Mr.Hime
    As a player who love BNS , please make the "ERROR" and delete your post about weapon and don't enrage the community.
    If you continuu with this INJUSTICE , soon you will don't have for who make any announcement .
    Thank you.    


  5. I play this game from the first day of release in EU, but before be released in EU i've been waiting 1years and half for it.

    I am a premium member^^ i wish to be a condition for everybody pay this same in WOW.

    Despite many bugs , wrong information etc etc etc, it's still the best game.

    In every MMORPG you must farm like crazy, as i do wirh 1 main and 9 alts.

    And yes, i wish to have arena tournements more often , to watch , i don't participate.

    The game, the way it is, it's unique, so yes, I LOVE YOU BNS^^

  6. I love you BNS!!!


    I've been waiting for you 1 year and half to release BNS in EU. So manny petitions so much desire to play this game.

    I still love to play this game, i have the same desire to play this unique game.

    For me, Bns it's number 1, still the best game and i really enjoy it.

    I don't care of fps or something, i just built a new computer.

    I just hope to don't be a free to play game, i prefer to pay /month to have a great community.

    I am just frustated to see how many people critique this game.

    BNS, you are the game who give me pleasure to play, who fullfill my free time, who answerd my expectation.


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