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  1. Two problems with upcoming event

    I think its time to check your views in the interest of objectivity. You're not casual/new or a return player. In fact you're biased, overreacted and emotionally invested in this topic. Your particular beliefs arent letting you clearly see other's viewpoints. As a casual player myself I'm telling you that you dont seem to get the point. Sollicit, share help but pls stop acting like the big man you are by saying stuff like: 1.Its a YOU problem 2.All the "problems" casual players are facing 3.because that is literally like in every single game 4.i simply cannot stand people complaining about literally every little thing which isnt even a problem ... and the list goes on :/ Your perceivement, projected through you, your past experiences and backgrounds is, oftentimes, just like in this situation...wrong
  2. Two problems with upcoming event

    I leveled 3 alt characters from 50 to 55 and I can assure everyone that it takes alot longer than what you describe. Let me tell you whats annoying about you and your comments - the amount of sugar coat you put on a problem to make it look "acceptable" for casual players and the fact that you dont seem to understand what current problems those casual players are facing in this game. Start reading between the lines pls. Your salt and current state of intellectualism is not helping in solving the issues the OP has described
  3. Two problems with upcoming event

    Stop lying, its getting annoying...
  4. Element

    Honestly play whatever you want. Every class and spec can be competitive (even your "KONG fu master") Its just a matter of time before "weaker" specs become overpowered again. It always rotates. Focus on your dps opener and min-maxing your gameplay. The amount of people I see only pressing their macro and then acting like elitists is just mind~boggling... Also, best specs and classes only matter for the "current endboss" in this game. So dont worry too much about it
  5. This game needs a target-switching button

    Will never happen. Blade and Soul uses a crosshair target system like other FPS games. What you basically want is to target a warlock that is hiding behind Thrall, but you lazy to put some effort to properly aim the crosshair at him, so you press a button. Again...will never happen
  6. Anyone running in SLI?

    dont use the korean profile. Just because it works for someone else, doesnt mean it should work for you. Now, since you changed the profile (and probably deleted the original profiles) you need a fresh driver install for your GPU to restore the settings. Also, since you're using a "prehistoric" GPU, just download and install the DX9 drivers from microsoft and force the game to load itself under those drivers. You can search on google how to force a game to load under DX9. This will give you the best performance for your card. dont use all those fancy tricks people have been experimenting on Youtube (ive seen about a hundred different methods, its rlly retarded)
  7. Dynasty - Recruiting members

    dkp in 2k+18...........
  8. Is the game dying?

    Exclude the alts and you only have 10 pages of ranked players. Pretty dead ye
  9. fps drops after restarting bns

    This only happens to me whenever I try to restart the game (thru the launcher) and it doesnt load straight away (doesnt show the splash screen). Sometimes I need to do this 2/3 times and once the game loads, thats when the fps issues happens.
  10. Skill Effect Visuals not working properly...?

    I have the exact same issue, some of the visual effects are gone on my gunner (e.g block effect) when I change the following setting: - Graphics > Advanced Settings > SFX quality for others --> value set to 1 Based on what the setting title says, this should only apply to other players, but its applying it to your own player aswell. I tried a repair, but no succes. I'm also not using bnsbuddy or some other crap addon
  11. Server Down?

    Filing a police report now. NCWEST get your stuff together!
  12. Server lag/down?

    EU servers are dead. WTH is this. picking up chests dont show up in your inteventory!
  13. Failed to connect to server.(200)

    Can we get an update from the devs wth is happening?
  14. As a new guild, we are currently recruiting loyal and teambuilding people for our community. Our full recruitment topic is posted on our forums. It contains extra information about us. LINK You can also find us on the Blade and Soul Dojo website. LINK What is this Twitch Chat for Guilds? It's our own project and is available to our guildmembers. you can see screenshots of it here LINK Did you guys play Blade and Soul before? I don't want to join an unexperienced guild. Yes we did. We joined all CBT's, played on Taiwan (horrible ping) and on the unspoken version of the game for almost a year. Which server and faction were you guys playing on? Server - Windrest Faction - Crimson Legion. Cool, I wann join. Where can I apply?
  15. In just 3 days we almost have a full guild with friendly and experienced players. If you still wanna join, make sure you check us out on (limited spots available) For all that are curious which server we will choose, we are joining Windrest as our guild-server. Despite what people are saying about this 'Drama' server, we still think it is the go-to server for a lot of people. - Populated server, after the hype it will still be an active and healthy server. - More world-PvP, We like to kill the drama-queens on the server :P - Easier F7 groups for people that want to do a quick pug with randoms. - Cool server name with a lot of experienced people playing on it. - More channels, meaning its easier to find gathering spots. - Queue times? Most of our members are master pack users. Get your 'quality of life' item now to avoid it too! - Lag? Every MMO has lag on release day + 2 weeks. Nothing you can do about it. - Drama? we are a mature guild, some of us are married and have kids. We are into cooler stuff! - Elitist? We are not joining that club. We are experienced players with a social life. Other MMO's showed us that even casual guilds can achieve high rankings. Still interested in Luna? Apply now and become a member of our great community!
  16. Luna is still recruiting passionate players for Early Acces and Launch! Two days ago we started recruiting people, and the guild has been growing rapidly with experienced people from all over the world. If you're still looking for an organised and friendly guild, feel free to check us out at
  17. A warm welcome to our current new guildmembers! A little bit more than 24 hours have passed by since we opened our doors to recruitment... And we already seeing some awesome people applying to our guild. So, if you're still looking for a guild that is friendly, competitive, but allows you to have normal life outside of gaming, come check us out now! You can find us at
  18. Happy Holidays from the Blade & Soul Team!

    worst server names ive seen.... Old master cho as server name...this must be a joke..
  19. Optimization/FPS Issues

    This is a know issue across all regions, especially with Windows 10. If you wanna play with the least amount of lag possible you need to go back to Windows 7 to get the best performance. Here is a comparison of the GPU load under the same combat situation. People have not been able to find the exact problem for these fps drops. E.g. on windows 10 you can easily drop frames from 60FPS > 45FPS in 0.2secs. It sucks, but it is what it is. Testing the game out for three days, the results were the same as the graphs above. These are the average fps ranges from the test: Windows 7: 57~60FPS (no lag) Windows 8: 47~60FPS (sometimes lag)Windows 10: 45~60FPS (sometimes lag) (had some crazy jumps in GPU load and FPS drops)​​Conclusion: The game is not optimized for Windows 10, with windows 8.1 being the 2nd best and Windows 7 being the best OS to run it on. Test build: OS: Windows10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7CPU: Intel ® Core i7-4790HQ CPU@2.60Ghz (8core)RAM: 8GBGPU: Geforce GTX980MResolution: 1920x1080Ingame Setting: Medium (Optimized for combat)The test was done in Mushin's Tower.
  20. Looting Bug, Skin bug, Frame rate.

    The flower is a known bug, I think it gets fixed in a later patch. At least they did in the asian versions.
  21. [Quest] Start of the Festival

    the emote shortcuts dont work indeed. Only wway to fix it is by manually going to F12, then press 1, then the required emote.
  22. Dungeon loot P2W

    If you dont like the bidding system, go do a dungeon with your friends instead and have custom rules about the loot. The same goes for a need or greed system, you dont want the loot to be ninja'd? Go do a dungeon with your friends...
  23. I like the new marketplace. Yes its a bit slow sometimes but that can be fixed. Stop crying about the design of this. First all of you were crying about sandbox and now you guys complain....Its the same stuff they use in Korea would you rather have mixed styles of windows all over the place, or just 1 design (sandbox design). I alrdy know the answer
  24. This Beta is Plagued With This Issue!

    WTFast gives this issue sometimes (assuming you're using it) Changing the wtfast servers solved it in my case
  25. thank you for making the premium star smaller

    premium star size is perfect now!