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  1. I think its time to check your views in the interest of objectivity. You're not casual/new or a return player. In fact you're biased, overreacted and emotionally invested in this topic. Your particular beliefs arent letting you clearly see other's viewpoints. As a casual player myself I'm telling you that you dont seem to get the point. Sollicit, share help but pls stop acting like the big man you are by saying stuff like: 1.Its a YOU problem 2.All the "problems" casual players are facing 3.because that is literally like in every single game 4.i simply cann
  2. I leveled 3 alt characters from 50 to 55 and I can assure everyone that it takes alot longer than what you describe. Let me tell you whats annoying about you and your comments - the amount of sugar coat you put on a problem to make it look "acceptable" for casual players and the fact that you dont seem to understand what current problems those casual players are facing in this game. Start reading between the lines pls. Your salt and current state of intellectualism is not helping in solving the issues the OP has described
  3. Honestly play whatever you want. Every class and spec can be competitive (even your "KONG fu master") Its just a matter of time before "weaker" specs become overpowered again. It always rotates. Focus on your dps opener and min-maxing your gameplay. The amount of people I see only pressing their macro and then acting like elitists is just mind~boggling... Also, best specs and classes only matter for the "current endboss" in this game. So dont worry too much about it
  4. Will never happen. Blade and Soul uses a crosshair target system like other FPS games. What you basically want is to target a warlock that is hiding behind Thrall, but you lazy to put some effort to properly aim the crosshair at him, so you press a button. Again...will never happen
  5. dont use the korean profile. Just because it works for someone else, doesnt mean it should work for you. Now, since you changed the profile (and probably deleted the original profiles) you need a fresh driver install for your GPU to restore the settings. Also, since you're using a "prehistoric" GPU, just download and install the DX9 drivers from microsoft and force the game to load itself under those drivers. You can search on google how to force a game to load under DX9. This will give you the best performance for your card. dont use all those fancy tricks
  6. Exclude the alts and you only have 10 pages of ranked players. Pretty dead ye
  7. This only happens to me whenever I try to restart the game (thru the launcher) and it doesnt load straight away (doesnt show the splash screen). Sometimes I need to do this 2/3 times and once the game loads, thats when the fps issues happens.
  8. I have the exact same issue, some of the visual effects are gone on my gunner (e.g block effect) when I change the following setting: - Graphics > Advanced Settings > SFX quality for others --> value set to 1 Based on what the setting title says, this should only apply to other players, but its applying it to your own player aswell. I tried a repair, but no succes. I'm also not using bnsbuddy or some other crap addon
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