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  1. find spars with people, who ll explain you how to play as ur class. Moreover you have to learn skills from other classes to know how to fight them. It's rly difficult and challenging for new players, but your class isn't weak. You just must having a great desire for this stuff :D But it's worth. Ah and btw, look for BD streams, YT Videos, Watch tournaments etc. But not brainless watching, rather analysing and memoryzing what people do. it will help u
  2. 6x6 is just more rewarded. 1x1 is useless for your gear. That's why it has so low population. I low arena, but NOT gear depended oneshot pve(p), but when I came back to the game I had to do a lot of stuff and still now when I have good gear, i have to grind f.... pve all the time after work. If they did the rewards at least like in 6x6, I would pvped at least 50% of my game time, because its fun and challenging, compared to pve(p) where ur skill = "how many hours did u spend for f... grinding). I hope NCwest/SOFT will hear us someday. Otherwise I ll left this game again, i
  3. I rly dont care about how low ping is. I just wanna stable connection without spikes. It's much better to have always constant 130, than see this jumps like 90-100-140-80-100-spike-spike-spike. (btw living 40km from Frankfurt and have rly perfect Internet, unfortunatelly not for bns and kfm)
  4. well, my came back was exactly 3 weeks ago after rly huge break(more than 1 year). Had almost nacked char with 400 or 450 ap :D I took 1 week holiday and prepared my main char and 2 alts to be able to do daily challenge with them all. (DC was made easier and gives more profit, so i u can do it with 5 alts - do it :D) First achievement is to get at least 800-850, otherwise you will be kicked from lobby party searching for 90-95% of time. Second one is to farm DT for getting leg necklare and 9AP achivement. At this time find a group or guild to farm NS NF to get leg bracelet and belt.
  5. WL's are OP in PvP and they are one of the most neede classes in pve. SIN's are OP in PvE and as always good in pvp. FM's as always very good in PvE and in top tier PvP. (IMHO)
  6. Not - at all, still 1 range class in BnS... It seems awful.
  7. Maybe there are some another reasons? For Example: - as FM is hard to play in mid rank - as FM is very hard to play in high rank - as FM are playing a lot of pve players, who don't like pvp (compared to cat, it doesn't require a brain in low and mid rank) - most of top tier players are ranking FM's, SIN's and WL's as tier 1 or 2 in class balance, where the KFMs, SFs and cats are mostly in tier 4-5. BD's atm don't need any changes, people just have to learn how to fight vs them. NCsoft should fix matchups, where you physically don't have any chances to win(witho
  8. take a look here https://bnstree.com/ chose your class, then in upper right corner u ll see "soul shields". There are at least 2-3 actual legendary sould shileds, just read stats and bonuses OR just open F11 ingame and take a look on top100 people in mushin tower or infinity tower section
  9. yes, but if u have registered for gunner's stuff, you will get 1 additional slot on your account.
  10. I think the best way to find some group is spamming this kind of message in faction chat. Forum here is partly dead :D
  11. My English isn't better :D well, I have 8 GB RAM DDR3 (4xxx gen motherboards can't hande ddr4). RX480 isn't top tier so that I have to change my CPU for that. I have even better fps in mass pvp in guild wars 2 with more than 100 active people, who use 1000 of skills and produce massive effects. And now in bns - 1 huge mass aoe and fps drops to 20. It's not adequate. I didn't have this issue on 45th lvl patch (i.e. in 24. man dungeons)
  12. Hello guys, I came back to the game one week ago with a new GC and having really troubles with FPS drops. I don't even talk about 24 ppl raids... For examle in Heaven's Mandate, If she casts her massive multiple aoe skill - fps drops to 5-10 from 80-100. It's just example, MSP is working only with CTRL+F. Graphic Settings: - All additional checkboxes are unchecked - Textures, Quality etc on max - Shadow and shadow quality on lowest - Resolution 2560x1920, but I've tryed even with 1920x1080 -> same result PC specs: i5 4670K OC 4.1Ghz, Temp < 60c*
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