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  1. I need help in 1vs1

    Thanks, I only played pve and pvp for some reason is very hard for me
  2. I need help in 1vs1

    any tips to win pvp? I'm having horrible time in pvp
  3. I need help in 1vs1

    I played about 20 1vs1 games and lost all of them and i never won 1 round, I play as blade dancer. is there any way to even win one round?
  4. I would like to join the clan, i am PvE Player, I dont have idea what is IGN (it gaming news?) Class:Blade Dancer ( I picked the class randomly)
  5. Need help

    I don't know what to do in the game now, I done with the story line now i have to wait for new update, will the be act 5 or act 4 i forgot the next chapter... What should i do now? I have one question I saw 2 teams, it was about mining and fight i cant remember i saw lot of bots killing mini boss IDk with 4 million hp to 5 i cant remember what do they get after killing the mini boss. after they kill the boss why nothing drops? why are there over 20 bots? What is 24 player dungeon?