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  1. why are dungeon quests......

    No I understand what he or she is talking about. And I am sure the dungeon in question is Desolate Tomb. If I join a party in LFP and get put with a in progress group the only dungeon I will leave is Shattered Masts. And that is because the daily quest is always kill 10 or 15 of the pirates I cant remember and if the group has already started that quest will not complete and the group usually falls apart right at the slashimi boss. All the others I will stick around for because well if its DT, NF, NS, or EC, you need the final boss killed 10 times for the achievement anyway so why not just jump in kill it then leave and re-queue for it. I understand some peoples time is precious in this game. And I never hold a grudge to someone who does leave If I do not get the boss down I just go back and start over. Sure its a headache but there is nothing no one can really do to solve it. A d/c unfortunately can happen to anyone. It's not the games fault nor the players fault. Sometimes it can be just a hiccup in the isp.
  2. why are dungeon quests......

    @Quizotic sadly Amarathiel is right. If you are playing this game without friends its a nightmare at times trust me I know because thats how I play. I have searched for clans and have joined some that are recruiting only to find out that they are actually pretty much either dead clans or house alts from a main clan so the activity in them is scarce to none and never no interaction. What i have actually done and found to be helpful was watching twitch streamers especially the ones who stream on my server that actually interact with their viewers. I get my weeklies done and dailies done on all 4 of my characters each day and week doing this. Sure i am not raiding Skybreak Spire or VT right now but honestly I do not have the gear to do so anyway. Some days I do have to suck it up and do lfp and yes i have leavers and afkers but I do not let it discourage me. Just play and have fun. Start up your own clan and recruit start a small circle welcome new and returning players and work as a team. You may end up progressing further if you are proactive because many people are looking they just do not have the courage to take action. Be that person that takes action and make new friends and take everyone to greater heights!
  3. Tank

    So I really want to create a KFM. The only thing that holds me back from making either a KFM or Blademaster is the fact that they are the tanks. I do not want to be held to that responsibility never have really played that role in any game. So tell me is tanking in this game super hard. I mean I know a lower geared tank will struggle with aggro if partied with higher geared teammates as I have witnessed that first hand. I am not a person that gets mad or shouts at tanks if I pull aggro off them. I know how to hold back my dps if needed to allow them to regain a bit of threat. But not all people are like me. Some rage and scream and belittle players when this happens. I am not a perfect player I play to have fun.
  4. Leavers need to be punished

    @Ulrezaj you can exit f8 to the server. When you leave the dungeon just hit escape or click the b&s button and click return to server and it will move you to your server and not back into the lobby. I guess that is what you are talking about if not please disregard.
  5. Baleful or Seraph

    So I was wondering. I am leveling a forcemaster and when I get to the point of picking which weapon to use. Does it matter. Is it like most other classes go for baleful or is it like warlock and go for seraph. Thanks for the help. BTW I am debating on whether to go frost or flame build. I am playing around with both right now as I level to see which I like and prefer best. I have read many of the posts here giving the downsides and complexity of Frost and the easier rotation of fire. So I am not sure yet which element I will choose but when the time comes for the weapon choice I will be more than ready I am sure to pick a element to stick with. Thanks alot for your constructive and most welcomed criticism and feedback.
  6. Stop Lobby Harassment please

    Yes @KiraKamelia thats what I was talking about. In many other games when you ignore or block a person they can never join your parties at all. I like that feature because sometimes its not about how bad or how well they played its about how they acted or talked while running the content with you. I do not like harassment of any type and I would not want to subject my fellow group members to vile players. So if you block/ignore a person to me they should not be able to interact with you in game at all period. They cant join your parties or see what you type or nothing. Its like they just quit the game or think you quit the game. Thats what I would love to see happen a block/ignore where they cant join you at all. Even if you are in F8 randomly queuing for a dungeon not advertising but just hit LFP they should not be able to join you if you have them on block.
  7. I honestly like this outfit. I do not know why other people seem to dislike it. I would purchase it quickly. But if its locked behind a rng loot box then count me out. I have better things to spend my money on right now than a outfit i may fork out 50 dollars to get and rng hate me and I still not get it.
  8. Stop Lobby Harassment please

    I think when you block someone it should mean they can no longer interact with you at all. They cant see what you type, advertise, nothing. As for the kick situation sure lets have one. But to keep it from being abused first we need to get the block/ignore feature fixed first. Then as for kicking a party member I think its all fine and dandy but to keep it from being abused there should also be a time limit on how many people you can kick. For instance first person kicked then you have a 15 second kick cooldown and it builds up in increments of 15 seconds. But what gets me is when you do random F8 and you get a high geared player they stay then as soon as you hit the staging area they leave abandoning you there. To fix this I feel maybe if you got a deserter debuff that prevents you from joining another party thru f8 for 1 hour would be great. It would actually make people think twice before they leave a group. When you join F8 thru LFP you are agreeing to do the dungeon with the people that it matches you with. If you want to solo run the dungeon its simple go to the dungeon entrance and go in. Another way to stop this is perhaps to fix it where you cannot enter the dungeon portal in the staging area unless you are with a group of at least 4 people if you do that then there would be no need for a deserter debuff.
  9. Daily Dash bug

    The helion core you landed on was it one of the special squares with the blue square and a start on it? If so then your rng luck special may have been to go to start and collect the 10 bags if not then I have no idea what happened.
  10. I'm Completely Lost..

    I have no idea what weapon you are using or how highly it is upgraded. But when I returned both my warlock and forcemaster weapons were able to be salvaged into a stage 1 baleful/seraph legendary weapon which you get I believe when you finish act 8. My level 47 I think she was got a scaleburn weapon when she salvaged her weapon. However my stage 7 siren weapon on my summoner is not salvageable so I am just stuck with that until I get better from the main story quest. As far as accessories go none of them changed for me I will switch them out as better ones from the main story quest comes available. Lots of old materials I had also we salvagable into materials used to upgrade the baleful/seraph weapons as well such as void fragments and stuff like that. Hope this helps with your confusion. You will know if anything is salvagable because it will have a green icon on it you cant miss it and as far as old materials they will show up in the box that pops up at the bottom by the B&S button.
  11. Untradeable Event Outfits Not Eligible For Transfer

    Well I understand where OP is coming from. Perhaps she got those items on a character she has decided to no longer play but has maxxed a new main. The Pistachio Dream outfit which was given at i think level 50 is account bound and can be transferred. Just like the Outfit that was given out when warlock was released can be transferred. Most outfits can. To me the only outfits that should not be able to be marked as account bound are the ones that drop from dungeons and the wheels of fate.
  12. The frozen mushroom currency will more than likely expire soon and become vendor trash unless they plan on releasing them with another event next winter. There is no way to obtain them anymore as they were a currency for the last event in december. The combs come from the current event which ends on the 7th after that they will no longer be obtainable. The best bet is to hope the next event will have a way to get them that starts I think on the 7th will watch the stream today to find out whats coming. Other than that solar energy or the marketplace is best way to get them. The sealed forging orb is not that expensive to buy I purchased 2 the other day. I am not rushing to upgrade my weapon I am doing it as I can. Last time I rushed things I got burned out and quit. So this time I am just going with the flow. Hope this helps.
  13. Boring bi-weekly outfit rotations

    If each of those outfits showed up in the f10 store and not some random rng box or trove i would do all i could to get each one of them!! I have 2 active characters and a couple of them i would purchase for both toons. I have no idea why they always want to put the best costumes in rng boxes or trove. Not everyone likes the gamble. I would have purchased the new saberfang outfit for both toons if it was available in shop. I am almost certain other people would do the same. Sometimes I wonder if they may actually be losing money doing the rng boxes and stuff and just dont realize it.
  14. Does it really?

    well I returned about 2 weeks ago and made a fresh gunslinger. I was max level which is 55 now in 2 days just doing the yellow quests alone. The grind is still there. Weapon paths have changed when you log in your current weapon will be set to extract the current tear weapon available for you but on my Soul Fighter that is 47 it broke down all the way to the unrefined scaleborn weapon which is for level 50 which comes from the yellow quest. Weapons and accessories are now legendary as well but you get pretty good starting accessories from the yellow quests. I am not doing much endgame raid content or stuff because most parties want 1K or higher AP for them and I am only at 902Ap right now but im working on it and have not lost interest like I did before. Upgrading is not so bad now as far as the materials most of it can be obtained thru the grind process. So basically you get out what you put in.
  15. Really?

    It's not so much about people having better gear than themselves. What bothers many is the point that the requirements people are requiring for the content now is higher than what is needed. Yes pugging in this game can be horrific and there does need to be standards set when forming a pug group. Many clans that are recruiting only take applicants with over 1K AP when most of the content you can manage to get down with 850 to 900 sure it may take longer but dont forget everyone has been there and everyone would like to get gear but you cant get it solo. The issue now is everyone wants to breeze thru content and ignore many if not all mechanics of the dungeon. Sure farming gets tedious and boring but its in place for a reason its there for you to continue working on current game content. Not everyone in this game has the means or the wants to just swipe their way to the top. Now this does not bother me so much as I am not a hardcore player and I play mostly solo I do my dailies for the first time yesterday I actually went and did some questing for peaches. There is stuff in the game for people to do who do not meet the criteria set from the elite in the game now whether or not its what you want to do is a different story. No one in the game wants to help new players or returning players get gear unless it will benefit them in some way which to me is a greedy thing to do. Humanity is not what it used to be both inside and outside of these games. If you cant get lucky and find a casual non hardcore clan to be a member of that actually does run the end game content mostly for fun and not just for speed good luck.