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  1. well the game is crap and the problem isn't with your mouse. Mouseclicks have some kind of cooldown ingame for whatever reason. If you want to bypass this you should buy a macro mouse eg. razer. Look ingame which keyboardbutton the lmb is and bind it on the mouse and voila every click is recognized... You also might be able do achive this using some kind of 3rd party software, but no clue in this area which and what and how to set up. GL
  2. well ofc its theire fault. There was just way to much changes lately Taking away 20g option for juwels and elements -> drove price for Soulstones crazy 5 mil exp char m with 100 sacred orbs needed -> pewpew sacred orbs from around 50 silver to fcking 3g+ Introducing 5 mil exp charm with Pet Pod (tradable materials needed) -> increasing price of Moonstones and Elysians. Taking away HM rewards for EC, DT, NF (you know which even ppl after 2 weeks of play can farm) -> increasing price of Elysians Introducing Aransu 7-9 -> increasing demand for PTS, therefor
  3. wow i would have closed your ticket after your first response. They told you they cant do anything about it (if true or not is an entirely different matter). But still, i would have declined anything you want for the way you write. Not what you say, but how you say it, well when you grow up you might learn what i mean by that.
  4. Either join a clan with VT, find or created a static raid . In either case i wouldn`t recommend to make goldraids with always new ppl, these only tend to work with ppl with high exp and very high gear. Your gear is more than enough to clear 1-3, but it won't be easy. We cleared our first 1-2 with far worse gear. Sure the margin for errors which can be compensated during the fight is small, but this has the advantage that once you clear it, you can do it in your sleep. VT isn`t very hard, the only difference to bt is, almost everybody has to do a job, and thats where ppl with brain
  5. I'm not sure i understand what you did exactly so just to clear up. 1. Buying amazon code 2. log into account 3. go to apply a code 4. put in the serial number 5. use the code under the ncoin/blade and soul tab in unused serials u did all that? The important thing is after using the code you have to apply it. It also doesnt matter under which tab u use the code
  6. you realize that this is nothing? That means in 3 weeks of play you earned materials for 10 jewels/elements with the 30ssc 15gc option. This would mean 30 weeks for 1 item (leaving out events ofc, since the last 2 and the next 1 don't bring any mats). The new option doesnt make it better either, alone for the ssc part you would need 25 weeks of your playtime. And it isn`t like that soulstone crystals and holy crystals arent used for anything else, this change, will especially hurt new players. I dont mind alternatives, but if they remove the 20g option gn8 newcomers
  7. As I already posted in reddit, i want to drop this here to, because i think this change will hurt the players big time, especially newbie`s. I dont expect a feedback, and pls Mods dont leave a we will forward it, get things just done if you see it like me.
  8. I did go the rift 9 path since i didn`t had my raven mat. The farming for the weapon box is indeed rly annoying. While EL has a decent chance to be obtained from the lootbox, in SM and HH it only can drop directly. I needed for hh 43 runs till i saw the first weapon box drop, at least the very same day my raven mat finally dropped :) Dont you think saving 270 ec is worth it? soulstone crystals, moonstone crystalls and holy crystals are easy obtainable. You can buy soulstones cheap, you can farm naksun for moonstones, chests/dailies and events throw so many holy crystals at you i
  9. I started this game about 3 months ago as an ice WL. What should i say about the beginning. I felt like a garbage class, so low dps till you have "gear" u srsly cant kill even trash alone. But i knew it will get better and it did. I geared my self up, to a point i had been happy and was just waiting (and still am) for my raven mat. Then last weeks, this shit excuse of an update hit. Lost alot dps and def, meanwhile old content gets scaled up, which makes it double as bad. At first i thought, well lets spent some gold and gear up a little more, i made my seraph12 to rift 8, upgraded soul 2
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