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  1. wtf you talking about ?


    blade and soul are xml configrate server side the raids mech the quest even the doungelist maps all the game changes going with the xml editing they have full access as they server located at thier office what he ask they can do it in few minutes of work acutally they can do everything related to the game if they want we remember the exploit bug right they fix it the same way they can for adding or change the game content by players request however they choose not and its all depend of them not korea studio, about the kr company they the one holding the game source code however the question is ask are based server xml side , not c++ development , please read before you post , if you want more details on the server look i can show you image from someone host, i promise you i know what i speak here.

  2. you better open another server with 2017 year when you didnt added those stupid systems of the current version many things you added is scraw the game then why not bring one seperate server with the soul fighter and warlock patch that will be good and call the server "Phororan" the skills system was good in that version too


    and for the second server "jinsoyeon" do the shitty thing there as you wish , eventally you destory the game, so give the players the oldschool feeling before you scraw the game up

  3. this is kind worse use bot in the game that promise you 100% ban for the account

    however these bugs is take a place almost each patch they doing without pay attation to what they doing

    as @Versus105 said and as i mention before NO BAN INVOLVED HERE @Grimoir

    the mistake blade & soul doing the whatever the players use them, dont you think if there were issue with the hongmoon store you would buy anything there???

    and if thier plan to rollback the server before the error happaned i belive the rollback will take a place from the moment the latest maintnanace in hope they did backup in that date.

    ncsoft doing none stop errors

  4. what you want its not what they want , if you would like to play fair games i will advice you go and play rpg becuse mmorpg will always suffer hack and exploit , you dont even know how much hackers blade & soul suffer from each days, its easy to talk huh ? lets see you do ncsoft job they need to think what do to with players that come in touch with the bug without killing thier hardwork, its not that easy step let me remind you that ncsoft is a big company and thing like what you say they try to prevent from happaning .

    remember what i say and and bring it to your mind becuse i work with game studio like 5 years i know lot more then you , its not depend you , or any other members , what ncsoft will do its what happaned ,

    however you can forget from the ban stuff .

  5. 1 hour ago, Grimoir said:


    The should either permanently ban everyone exploiting this or do like other games do, temporary ban and wipe their accounts of any trace of profit gotten from this including equipment upgrades, gold, materials, costumes.


    well if this is what you think all the server will get "permanently ban" and this result will get ncsoft to the grave , 

    belive me whatever you say , but its wont happaned , ncsoft will lose a lot money in that case , you more then welcome to see what happaned next , BUT PERMETLY BAN WILL NEVER HAPPANED , they know very well the result of what will happaned if they will do so.

    the game is dead right now , if the ban that you very want that will happaned will actually happaned 

    also lot of players in this game waiting for blue protocol to arrvive the game is in fight for his life now , you acutally think they have a side ?

  6. do you realize that since the gold nerf lot of players leave the game , ncsoft Can not afford themself to lose more players just becuse 

    a few peoples that complain on small bug , what done is done , @Hime didn't say ban is invlolved here as this isnt players problem 

    this is mistake they did , players that did it already , ncsoft cannot done anything maybe a warning will be invloved but again

    if someone account will be banned on each players used that exploit will get ban do you excpet the game will be a live,

    the reason that ncsoft wont ban a players account its becuse they want thier money small bug wont prevent it.

    does of you hope for a prem ban , you just can keep dream on that.

    but NCSoft cant allow themself to do that action, they did a lot of mistake in that game , what cost them to lose a players.

    if you belive they will ban , and somone of you use that bug so you may say good bye to your account,

    the dumb thing you say here , is make some of us nuts , becuse you dont know what you speak , 

    your no ncsoft , not a studio you dont have a clue , complain is like eat ice cream , mean while you dont know what the company plan or 

    what in they head , part of you complain its becuse you cant use that bug.

  7. blade & soul killed thier own game long time ago stupid bug wont change a thing,

    the game is a dead game no matter what and ncsoft cant do a thing to revive it .

    1st i dont say anything why is that otherwish they will react and i prefer the game will stay dead

    2nd that bug come from icorrect bin editing , however even if they will fix it , someone with the tool may bring this bug again

    3rd xml.dat holding the bin file changed a bit but already bypassed again therfore ncsoft no longer cant prevent upcoming bugs.

    its like run and hit structure . when they run from a bug but someone will find another one .

    ncsoft not really know how to handle with that , and they bring ban result for a few days , becuse they dont want to lose players

    but cannot handle that thing too, as what i see now they have much to do after the bug will fixed i think the server will even supposed to be closed

    for a 1 - 3 days for them to clean up the players data cuz by the bug.

  8. i think you still dont get that right , ncwest have the access to change the datafile.bin that include the game data include thier database record

    however for expolit fix they have to report to ncsoft in korea as they are the developers of the game you may called them also "Bloodlust Studio"

    they are the real developers of that sweet game , this is the main reason the moderators request from you to post the bugs in the support that players wont use them 

    however another reason is that ncswest will have to report the studio about those exploits as they own the game source code.

    ncwest has many other region have to report to the studio for any case excpet korea as the studio is thier own property, korea also have a side here and to deliver their patches to the publishers or fix by the reported regions. 

    so the forum is not the place for you to post those bugs / expoits , otherwise the team wont fix that as they dont have any deitels.

    i quit from the game since thier gold nerf, but i still come from time to time check how things changes.


    i also made cute dance with my lynf before i leaved blade & soul you more then invite to see  LynF Sweet Dance

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  9. we are as 98 gamers community end gear game , leaving the game becsue you killing the game each poinless patch you doing

    nerf the gold now srsly , good bye Blade & Soul , for another case another server called "***" will open this soon week to public.

    enjoy from this dead game version, for those searching better server , another team have a running title named "***" running on the official server files garena warlock patch.

    and unlike blade and soul administrators they use your feedback to improve the game

  10. well i came in idea from a few anime games i play recently working on unreal engine 4 , so i think maybe NCSoft can apply this in the game too the idea is to create a hair color and hightlight hair color like that the hair color  < the base> and highlight hair color <secondary> that can apply in the few lines before the end of the hair , now the games done it .

    this is a really good to be creative , i don't know about you but i really love games with that feature


    i sorry for bad English . i hope you understand what i mean here.

  11. On 27.6.2019 at 12:39 PM, Woah64 said:

    U cant expect us to be satisfied when u write UE4 is comming, but u dont know when.
    Every time u say something about it u act as u dont care... u just type it will happen...

    Tell us more about it, we deserve to know.

    Every time u type in producers letter what are u planing, we have lot to read, but only 2 or 3 words about ue4....

    We dont need any kind of new content if we are going to play it on 15fps

    And we are not happy

    If u want to listen player base all will tell u same, we need better engine!

    I love this game and i will play it even if it works rly bad, like trash....but i cant help to be satisfied with ur words when u tell us every few monts: " ue4 will happen"


    first I agree with you but, 

    we don't except anything let me remind you that blade & soul NA not the real developers they only publisher of the game ,- their studio found in korea , you don't except they go to there just to know any step being done , I belive that NCSoft NA are getting some update from the studio from time to time as they are the same company I am not that sure how its goes , but if you real want to keep updated about the UE4 go to the korea server , they only make a change for the game with the database and client editing , they don't have the game source , and all your suggestion can only be transferred to the korea , the studio taking care the game. I wonder if Bloodlust Studio is still their studio, I heard they sell the game to a china studio, its hard for me to believe it, because game like that you need to be a real stupid to sell it.


    and change the engine from UE3 to UE4 its a totally head break don't thing they enjoy from that.


    AS A Game Developer I know what they doing , what they suffer now

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