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  1. They need to increase the RNG chance rate % for the class that opens the item.
  2. Don't tell him that. Because it is when he fights Sin in arena ;) ...
  3. Yes I could solo Pokey at that level also. The key is to kill all the adds fast,
  4. First 'cuz it's new class, and there are high demand on the weapons. Also, there are many jerks in the game that think they can make money out of new class. I was farming for the Dokumo Bracers. At last run, there were myself and another SF, but the other SF disconnected from the game. I was so happy that I saw the bracer dropped from last boss. Everyone in the party left, except one summoner. Then he/she kept raising the price. I told him not to be a jerk, but got no answer. So I pissed and did this ;) ... at the end I have way more money to buy it from the AH. Just hope h
  5. Good day to farm weapons from Blackram Narrows is when they have it as one of the dailies. All level 50 will pass all the drops for you.
  6. This needs to stop whining about other people group requests. Just create your own group. Do their requests stop your from forming your own group?
  7. It's ok. There are many quit BDO and play this game as well ... lol ...
  8. Sure ... I'll come out if you come out as well ;)
  9. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention. However, I notice that all people got hacked are new accounts. Many of my friends and I have been with NCSoft since AION, and none of us have any issue with hacking. If there are more old account with NCSoft got hacked, then I may believe that there is something with the system. Otherwise I believe with the OP. Many of these hacks are fishy. This method has been using from so many games ... not only NCSoft. However, there are some real victims. Most the time, they use the same email and password for all games, or even on other game forums. I ha
  10. Stop using the presets, and set your own. You can reset the points and put points into skills that you like.
  11. umm ... scammed by some strangers on the net ... even in real life you don't suppose to talk to strangers ;) ... Lesson learned... reported it and moved on with your life.
  12. People are complaining, but yet they are so afraid to use LFP.
  13. If the game gives you options to farm and upgrade your gears to max within 2 weeks or so, then what you will do after that? Or you will sit there and complain that there are no new contents? Also, if you make the game as your second job, then you should quit. But it's better that you should quit all MMO games as well.
  14. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's their own group. They can put any requirements that they want. They do not stop you from going to dungeon on your own group or random pug. If you don't like it, you can start your own group with lower requirements.
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