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  1. That's not enough. The issue will be back on April 11, actually it will be worse since there won't be trove to get Orbs anymore either!
  2. Neuer NC Launcher

    Ich habe nicht nur die Fehler sondern auch die Lösung hier gepostet.
  3. Neuer NC Launcher

    @Zirkha bei mir die haben auch ihre eigenem ordner, die Ordner hat nichts mit diese fehler zu tun das ist eine Registry Key fehler Meine EU/NA BnS Client und KR Client sind in verschiedenen SSDs auch, C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT und E:\Games\KR\BnS Registry key not found. Key = 'Software\plaync\NCLauncherW'
  4. Neuer NC Launcher

    Ich habe probleme gehabt mit dem Neuen Launcher, weil ich auch die KR Launcher habe. Wenn die .log file so aussieht: Dann einfach diese registry key entfernen (macht bitte ein Backup für sicherheit): (Windows Key + R > regedit) Dann läuft das Dinge und .log file wird so aussehen:
  5. BnSCrashReport Non-stop

    Ever since this patch I get BnSCrashReport nonstop and its impossible to play the game anymore: On 32bit: The game will launch but will crash about 30~90s later On 64bit: The game wont launch at all since patch. What I tried so far: File Repairs, multiple times. (0 mods or addons installed as well.) Deleting whole BnS and reinstalling it. DDUing nvidia drivers and installing newest drivers None of them changed anything. I also have KR Client on my PC and both 64bit and 32bit work perfectly there.
  6. How much for each stage? This means all gems will become expired on patch day?
  7. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Even Jonathan abandoning this sinking ship, I guess not so "excited" about the future of this game huh...
  8. New gems...

    And they won't have it for a while, doesn't matter how many ncoins you spend you can only run Cold Storage 6x a day. Plus if that thing has the same drop rate as Dye Polish, it will take months to get it. Unless of course they put the new item on F10 as well.
  9. Server transfers

    Oh yes, server merging, so we can lag on PvE just like we do on arena PvP!
  10. Fix the EU servers NCSOFT

    What you are saying about the servers being bad at the moment is true and I want to agree with you but the way type makes me want to punch you in the face. You do it on purpose to troll? All you're doing is making it harder to take you seriously/get your point across. NCSOFT, your servers are bad. Not only for some people, like you claim on your stream, but for most people! (for EU at least.)
  11. Mushin's Tower 8F-3 Drop

    Honorary Ornament I have seen from 7F, 8.1 and 8.2, not anything else but Traitor Costume from 8.3
  12. Mushin's Tower Floor 8

    If you mean 8.3, yes. Lots of people have beat him.
  13. Patch Notes can we has them ?

    My prayers have been answered! Hallelujah, brothers and sisters... Hallelujah!