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  1. Adding the ingame VoIP system will create more stability issues with the game than already exist. That is extra overhead that NCWest will have to deal with and unnecessary cost in the end. To get it implemented in our version things in the cash shop (F10) and Premium status would need to be increased. Add it to the fact that the internet isn't running on an optimal level in North America (can't speak For Europe). It just isn't worth the cost and headache to maintain. There are enough alternatives like Discord and Teamspeak that people can use. Not going to list all of them but a go
  2. As other people have stated the players that already maxed out their gear want prices to remain the same so they can maintain a monopoly on the items. These people know that lesser geared players can't compete for the SSP loot and won't be able to finish Floors 14 & 15 of Mushin's Tower for a while unless these players have already played on another region before. If they try to state otherwise they are lying to others and potentially themselves. ---- Current Moonstone Farming Areas ---- SSP (Soulstone Plains) Mushin's Tower: Floors 14 & 15 The reason
  3. This issue isn't a specific ISP related matter. Also, It isn't entirely on the hosting company either. It comes down to the following. Biggest factor related to NA is the way the internet infrastructure is setup. Everyone's connections travel through a few different company servers (ex: Microsoft and Google) This narrow path on how information is routed is the major problem Hosting company Servers regarding load Host company internet quality Individual Computer network card (CPU computation and motherboard feeding
  4. From what I saw with most people on Moonstones is that people wanted a consistent way to farm them without a heavy RNG factor involved. There were a few that wanted things handed to them but the majority wanted an alternative to the hell that is SSP. Soulstone Plains (SSP) was a double and sometimes triple RNG factor when it came to the loot. Hence why people were annoyed with the limitation on Moonstones. Floors 14 and 15 were a bad path to add Moonstones to. 4-man and/or 6-man loot drops should have been the way to go with low drop rates but constant farming would of balanced this out.
  5. I know this isn't what you want to hear but there are alternatives to the Paypal issue if you are worried about giving NCSoft your bank/credit card information. NCoin (amount varies in drop down box on top right corner area): https://www.amazon.com/NCsoft-NCoin-1600-Online-Game/dp/B01ACNVSZ0/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1471084772&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=ncoin Stores like Walmart and Gamestop sell physical cards that give a bonus item. The cards look like the image below (inside spoiler tag).
  6. All gear upgrade materials should be account bound. No reason why they are character bound for some of the upgrade materials.
  7. In the original thread I posted that if images are within 8% accuracy (lines.. etc) then it is considered plagiarism from all the sources I have dealt with. This was a generic statement and not putting my personal input into it. In the next paragraph I will state what I feel should happen. All questionable material should be directed towards the owner of the original piece. Example would be the mask image from winning outfit be sent to the Fire Emblem Developer/Publisher (Intelligent Systems and Nintendo) to ensure no plagiarism took place with said piece. Same with all the rest of
  8. Not sure if this has been mentioned but if a drawing comes within an 8% margin (92% identical or closer) then it is deemed plagiarism. A case regarding this matter is the No Game No Life illustrator caught plagiarizing. http://www.otakutale.com/2014/no-game-no-life-artist-yuu-kamiya-allegedly-caught-tracing-other-peoples-work/ Examples in the spoiler tags Now these are more than just outfits but you can clearly see the author traced the images they saw and tweaked them a bit to hide the fact these were traced w
  9. More channels in SSP? All channels I end up in are always overcrowded and unless you have max gear (Poharan + Iksanun) then you will be lucky to get drops since you have to compete with the hardcore farmers. What should NCSoft/Team Bloodlust have done? The ultimate solution would have been to hard code it to having 20 players max per SSP channel for each side. Create 2 Cerulean only channels and 2 Crimson only channels for the quests and prestige but not loot (except ones specific to finishing dailies). This would allow for people to finish the daily quests but not get
  10. As other people stated FMs can "tank" as in holding aggro throughout the entire fight. A smart and well geared FM can sit there eating the normal hits and only dodge the AoE based attack whether they are frontal, 180, or 360 type. If the FM in your party has to move around too much then yes they aren't effectively tanking. I have tanked every boss in NA servers up to and including Asura bosses. Haven't been on much to challenge the recent two bosses.
  11. As you increase stats the return from boosting them diminishes. As for Accuracy you will only need 120% throughout the entire game iirc. Pierce you only want around 20%. For Crit Rate it is around 70%. Crit DMG you want to boost as high as possible (one of the few stats that don't diminish). For the HP and defense related stats only focus enough to survive. Crit Def is only for PvP.
  12. Hopefully this is only a personal DPS meter. Need to watch the stream to find out more. However, If the entire public community can see these things and no way to disable the feature then the server will become even more toxic. Don't try justifying for wanting to be smug and demeaning towards others just because you can. This DPS meter will be just as bad as the AP requirement has been. In conclusion I only see the DPS meter having a negative impact on the game overall while select individuals celebrate the ability to be even more disrespectful towards their peers.
  13. Another option could be for NCSoft to change the channel structure for Soulstone Plains (SSP). Reduce the cap of players to 16-20 per channel for each side (hard coded and and a system to prevent party invites from exceeding this hard coded limit). Stagger waves to where they are offset instead of flooding both sides at once. Now for the channel structure setup. 2-3 Cerulean Only channels (for quests and prestige only. no loot chests other than quest related items) 2-3 Crimson Only channels (for quests and prestige only. no loot chests other than quest related items) 8
  14. You missed my point. I never said to make it a common drop from the instances but more along the lines of a rare drop in 4-man (maybe 6-man) instances from Gloomdross and higher. Have it set to 1 Moonstone and 10 Moonstone pack only from bosses at a rate of the Honorary Ornaments or slightly lower. The comment was to make it available in more areas to allow more people to acquire them but not make said Moonstone drop like candy. There is a difference between making it more available and making it easier to get. If people wanted it easier then everyone would suggest to remove the da
  15. My previous post was to highlight the differences between regions on why some things work in the Asian region but doesn't work in the Western region. It wasn't meant that NA/EU should be forced to go the "need before greed" route as a whole. Regardless of the fact NA/EU won't ever return to the days of community first. This is something that I accepted after the destruction of MMO communities that WoW created with others following suit. The greed part of the post was more referring to people in the Western region being raised to create a product to sell for as much as possible with
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