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  1. Next class will be like Kimi Aoi from Horizon in the middle of Nowhere. Said class will be a Yun exclusive rhythm based class that will deal rhythmic based combos in rhythm game style fashion (example: Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, or Hatsune Miku).
  2. My previous post was some thoughts on what could be added and a selection of 3-4 chosen from the list. With the daily RNG box it was meant as a means to get stuff like Moonwater Stones, Soulstones, etc that can be acquired in the game while also having a chance to give generic items like standard potions, hammers, etc. This was to balance things so Premium Rank 10 didn't get too out of hand with non-Rank 10 Premium players. Another suggestion is to add a crafting time and cost reduction. On top of the crafting cost and time reduction there should be a queue added to where you can a
  3. To me I feel the following should be done for Rank 10 Premium status compared to Rank 9 so Rank 10 is more appealing. 1 or 2 extra spins (total 4 or 5 per day) A free fashion item once every 1 to 2 months as long as Premium status remains active (purely cosmetic here) Increase gold % for kills compared to Rank 9 or make it 100% gain for mob kills (this could be questionable but paying players should get some return on investment) No mail cost Unlimited and free Marketplace transactions Maybe a daily RNG box with random items including crafting mats in it (up
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