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  1. Brethren and sisters We have done it

    The ONLY pvp tourney held on a regular basis was cancelled due to lack of real players(lets ignore the fact that the hosts sold the reward items for gold in game as well). There hasnt been another one since, and look at where BNS ranks on twitch streams(its a good measure of popularity) compared to where it was the first 2 months. The only "big" name streamer to support BNS has already gone back to WOW BG's/Arenas. Hate to break it to you, you are supporting a lost game.
  2. Brethren and sisters We have done it

    Forcing all the good pvpers to quit cause they got tired of losing to blatant hackers/botters in plat+ ranks is good for the game? You serious?
  3. Brethren and sisters We have done it

    What does BNS being big in KR have to do with anything here? BNS needs a thriving PVP scene that hosts tournies to stay relevant, something NC West killed off allowing bot summoners take the top ranks for 3+ months in a row and destro bots taking up the rest. Damage has been done, all thats left is making enough money for the next quarterly report.
  4. My account has been hacked

    If youre who I think you are in game didnt you sell your account?
  5. Brethren and sisters We have done it

    Less than 100k people play this game on the US. Entire guilds are dying off in the last 2 months, if people were quitting cause they couldnt get to True Scorp fast enough what makes you think once they hit the legendary wall they are gonna stick around?
  6. Brethren and sisters We have done it

    Who cares, its way to late and WOW's new expac is the final nail in this coffin.
  7. Let's Recap

    This game is dying. My guild went from 20+ members on a day to 5-6, now 4-5 since Im done as well.
  8. going to P2W for Legendery Axe and have some questions.

    What the heck are you even asking?
  9. Hot fix for class balance

    What are you bronze?
  10. Masts/gloom/life chest nerfed?

    You nut bags and your "ghost RNG nerfs"

    AHhahahah cute you think its tough at 580 to progress.
  12. How Do You Create a Soul?

    Not everyone has the black sun outfit...stop judging us superior beings.
  13. NCsoft Promises and Reality

    To be fair they have been pretty good about putting in the ability to get the gems without paying $$. Just cause its grinding and can cost you a ton of money in game doesnt mean its not happening. In fact im pretty sure youve had a chance to get every $ gem for in game gold/time now.
  14. Soul Shield Set talk

    Or...just look at this every patch? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/htmlview?sle=true#
  15. why are ap elitists a thing lmao

    Can solo all the way to Be Ido without seeing anything resembling an enrage timer. Think you missed my point, when I do Lab and i got 2-3 other people in my AP range the low lvl leech thinks its ok to just afk/wait on the ledge while we do all the work then take all the loot and cries when we dont let them. (are you one of those people?)