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  1. I wasn't able to play for CB 3 so I'm not sure whether this is an issue for CB 3 or 4. I purchased few Hongmoon items from the Hongmoon Store during Technical Alpha and I've had it for a few CB, but now I noticed that it's missing. I also had this issue with some keys and other items I had obtained from the Daily Spins and quest, where they went missing. I hope this issue get resolved before the release of B&S. Forgive me, if I had posted this topic when it was already posted. I had skimmed through the forums and found nothing about my issue.
  2. I checked the box for "Enable Cinematic Skill Camera" in the System Settings and applied it to the settings. The camera worked fine for that setting, but when I went to System Settings tp unapply it to my Settings, the "Enable Cinematic Skill Camera" didn't turn off. This occured for Technical Alpha 1 and is stilll occuring for Technical Alpha 2. I logged into the game with the Cinematic Skill Camera enabled, but the camera wasn't working. I'm currently not using the Cinematic Skill Camera anymore because it's difficult to play with the camera like that.
  3. Zoom In Character Bug

    I zoomed in on my character and I wasn't able to Zoom back out. I brought up the Start Menu at the bottom left of the Desktop and I was able to scroll through its list fine, but wasn't able to Zoom Out ingame.
  4. Chatbox Settings Bug

    I'm unable to apply the new settings I select in the Chatbox Settings for what I want to see in the Chatbox. There's some things I prefer not to read.
  5. How was I trolling Mustikat, lol???? Thanks everyone, I'll keep these facts in mind. I can't afford a better ISP so that option is out.
  6. I connect my PC directly to the router with an Ethernet cord. I also close things I don't need in the Task Manager. How do u get faster internet?
  7. Is anyone else having difficulty going to places like Goldleaf Foundry??? The loading page will appear and never finish loading. Some places I go to with the circle will take a few seconds to load, but sometimes the loading screen appear. Sometimes it load completely am in able to enter the place. Is the loading page suppose to appear or only take a few seconds to load??????
  8. Crab hunting quest bugged?

    The only issue I had with this quest was that when I had about 30-40 kills with the harpoon gun, it dropped by itself. I had to pick up another one from the blue arrows to finish the quest.
  9. I just figured that out a moment ago.
  10. The reward Viridian Reward Chest that's given for completion of the quest don't give you all the items t say it will. Of the 6 items it say it will give you, only the healing tonic is given.
  11. Those 2 Soul Shields don't say max next to critical, which is next to the Soul Shield's image, after I fused those 2 Soul Shields with another Soul Shield when it said those stats were maxed.
  12. There's speech missing to subtitles prior to completion of the quest. No speech is voiced for the subtitles, "A message from Bumbak. poor guy. He barely escaped the Anchor when Wungsam woke up."
  13. The board states to press the Duel button on the lower right side of the screen or press F9 to join the Tournament. There's no Duel button to the lower right of the screen. There's only the exit button to the lower right of the screen.
  14. Kayn's bug reports

    There's guidelines on how we need to post the bugs we find. The post is the 2nd post by Hime in this section of the forums.
  15. Bugs and Suggestions

    There's guidelines on how we should post bugs. It's the 2nd post of the bugs section by Hime.