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  1. Current class numbers in gold+ disgust me

    NA Numbers <Current spread of classes - GOLD +> Summoner - 508 Blade Dancer - 298 Destroyer - 256 Kung Fu Master - 181 Assassin - 163 Force Master - 90 Blade MAster - 51
  2. Destroyer working as intended

    Could you stop going to every thread that disagrees with you and bashing everyone? It's actually really cringe to read when I try to check out other peoples oppinions on the game. Thanks bud!
  3. Too many classes are OP

    Absolutely hilarious seeing the people defending this. You can tell they barely know the game and watch Korean videos preaching it as fact. Want to know what's fact? That we have updated skills meant for level 50 but we're on the 45 patch. Thus, the balance is WAY out of wack at the moment. When you ... "Special People" Mention all the balance, you're mentioning the KR version, with 50 and hongmoon levels. NOT the 45 patch. Stop acting like you're some sort of god at BnS and everyone else needs to l2p. 90% of plats are the same 3 classes and admit they're strong atm.
  4. Oh man, as a guy who just started playing this game because a friend begged me and bought me a pack, I have to say, this game's community is ridiculous. The Region chat is full of weeaboos that will NOT stop talking about anime and meme's 24/7, and the PvP Region Chat is absolutely terrible. I've never seen a bigger circle-jerk of angry angsty guys raging at anyone who hasn't played the beta tests. I'm not sure if it's just anime-style games that attract this stuff, but coming from FFXIV, this stuff is really cringe. Is this normal?
  5. Ironic how everyone that plays BD/DES At the moment absolutely INSIST they're not above-average-borderline-OP at the 45 patch. Also Ironic how all the BD's brag about high-elo when they've played the other versions. But hey, do you.
  6. You mind slowing down the edgy insults? I'm kind of cringing reading this thread man.
  7. Premium Queue after Launch

    It's thanks to you not being able to think for once in your life that we have this issue. If there wasn't ten thousand people afk'ing, they wouldn't have to worry about hours of queues because there wouldn't BE hour's worth of queue's. But hurr durrr
  8. Blade & Soul End Game MUCH FUN! SUCH WOW!

    Calm down there Edgelord.
  9. Plans for Mushin on launch?

    Oh they should lock Mushin ASAP. Why they're locking random servers at random times is absolutely braindead. Lock Mushin, And soon after launch, be ready to lock the second two servers that follow it. I don't know why they haven't done any of this. It's not rocket science. As for me, I refuse to sit there afk taking up a slot somebody could use so I'm not playing the game until it's fixed. Can't physically log in lol.
  10. Plans for Mushin on launch?

    The Issue is there's no AFK Timer. To any of you saying "Oh, an AFK timer wouldn't help THAT much" I want you to first login to Mushin (Good luck, by the way, the other day I was in for 8 hours queueing) and then I want you to look around. What do you see? Well, you see people afking. Everywhere. Hundreds of AFK level 3's outside the starter area, AFK people stacked on top of each other sleeping. The way logging in works is for every person that leaves the game, one person can join. There's just one very large problem. Nobody is leaving the damn game. So nobody can join the damn game.