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  1. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    we are disbanding.....see the following post for more info: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/122529-cupcake-thunder-cute-but-deadly-semi-hardcore-pvx-ts3-windrest/#entry633240
  2. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    The server problems have been fixed also thanks to cloudflare's ddos protection. Thanks for the patience guys!
  3. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    thanks, but thats not the big issue. the Issue is a DDOS attack confirmed by my host. unfortunatly it goes past our anti ddos protection system.
  4. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    we are currently under constant DDOS attack from an ex-boyfriend that is stalking one of our guild members. Apologise for all the downtime, we are trying to fix this ASAP.
  5. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    We are full! However when interested we can note you down, because it wont be long until we can have 70 members in the guild.
  6. we have exactly the same thing for payments haha. for activity we have another method but yeah, you have to keep your own administration wich a simple ingame function could solve :/
  7. it is abusing game mechanics and is super lame.
  8. Me and my clan Cupcake Thunder now have been able to play the game since the start and we now have some feedback we would like to share: - The marketplace fees are too large. There should be only 1 fee and not 2 fees, and they should be less for premium members. - Whispers and guild chat should be remembered in cross server dungeons and arena's. It all gets removed the second you enter either of those wich can be very annoying. It works in most mmorpg's, so why not here? - Party leaders should NOT be able to change the loot all by themselfs, especially not in combat and especially not without a vote. - Killtrading should be a banable offense. - The guild system needs a history to see who donated what and when, and also needs a "last seen" option to sort clan members. Currently it's difficult to work with the current system to watch activity and payments. - Free to play players should be able to send mails. - Windstriding to other clan members should NOT cost 1 soulstone. that's 35 silver per clan member just to teleport! This also cannot be used in a PVP advantage since windstride start costs 10 seconds and loading screens are also 20 seconds or more. Make it like 2-5 silver. On the positive side we are very glad to see that the dailie dash(although alot crappy items) is continues now. I really hope NCSoft can listen to this feedback seriously. I am not the only person with these points of improvement. Thanks!
  9. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    We still have 5 slots available :)
  10. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    friendly bump! we kicked out inactive members and have 5 slots available.
  11. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    note: 4 slots are remaining.
  12. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    Here is an video of an awesome Hide & Seek event we organised: http://www.twitch.tv/kamizkata/v/41411225 Lots of fun on teamspeak and nice way to teambuild and learn teamwork.
  13. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    With proud i would like to present our latest event we are organising!
  14. Can you stay on the top of the Hill? Intro: With proud i would like to present Cupcake's second serverwide's event: King of the Hill! In this game we will be travelling to the misty woods and fight each other on top of the hill! This will be a faction battle and the faction with the most points wins! But wait....how can we count deaths so easily? Well its simple....This is not about deaths or kills. This is about making sure YOU stay on top of the mountain....and making sure your enemy doesn't! The game is quite simple....Both sides 3 sides of the mountain will have game master's placed (game masters of Cupcake Thunder, not NCsoft obviously). These game masters will check players who get thrown or dropped off the mountain. Is it a blue? or a red? We will count them. The faction who got thrown out the most wins! Killing an enemy does not count or give any points. Ofcource you can kill them but they can just regroup and jump back into the middle of the mountain so beware! (we will also obviously disqualify people who jump down on purpose) You could think this would be a simple task by grabbing all the blade dancers etc you can get.... but ofcource the key to the fight wil be to not get grabbed or to focus your fighs to the enemy grabbers and throwers! Unfortunatly it is not possible to give prizes to the event winners due to the amount of players involved, but we can call your guilds the official BnS King(s) of the hill! Rules: - Game master of CCT counts the score and there is no discussion possible about the outcome. - You must register for the event before 19 February 20:00. - You have to be available at event start at 20 February 19:30. We start the fight at 20:00 but organise the teams at 19:30. Bring your faction's costume. Advice is to be early because showing up after 19:30 means you cannot play anymore. Also the more early you are, the more chance you have of playing because we cannot allow an unbalanced game to take place. We will have guilds on both factions who will keep an eye on trolls and kill them. (but our channel will be full anyway when we start probaly) Registering: Please copy and paste the following form to me in PM: (note: you can leave out individual names and put a number if you represent a guild) =================== ----->Cupcake's King of the Hill Event Participation Form<------ I would like to join the event with the following players: name1. name2. name3. We are the guild ........ =================== Note: Cupcake Thunder is already registered with ~15 players attending. EDIT'S TO EVENT WILL BE PLACED BELOW: Can you stay on the top? See you february the 20th! http://CupcakeThunder.eu/
  15. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    This was already explained.....