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  1. top dps?

    all this pooping :D what is best dps class :D "best" is player who comtrol class not class it self :) as fod destro/bd being lower dps don't foget both of them loseing dps for 6 sec every time they CC and grab boss, in longer fight that can be 30 sec+ and that is a lot but give party even more. only way you can rly see true diference in dps is same gear,same hm skills,same bopae and same badge and ofc dps training pinoki
  2. Producer's Letter – 6/09 Livestream Questions

    Q: legaly speacking keybinding programs are kinda grey zone. they are 3th party programs but as well they are not hack,macro,bot or any kind of cheating. and on top of that Jonathan Lien (assistant producer) many time said of twitter, forum or stream that we can use softwear for keybinding as long as 1 action is 1 key. my question is now if we get auto-ban from game guard for useing keybind program is it only till we don't submit ticket and admite what we use and till support don't see that for them self (24h-72h) or it can be permanent ban? and if i get on forum or twitter or stream some1 from NCSoft to say you CAN'T get bun for useing keybind program as long 1 key is 1 action does that mean whit that as proff i can get unban from GameGuard auto-ban? and when will gameguard stop baning ppl for keybinding programs?
  3. @Rukkirii ban wave for nothing is not our problem, geting ban for 1 day for no reason again noth our problem. but loseing 80+SS, 12stingers, 5+monnstones... etc PER CHAR is our problem. your no reason ban wave cost ppl 100 gold+ per char. what you will do abouth that?
  4. Why is my friend banned?

    i got ban today, sent e mail and got copy/past same answer as your friend. copy/past everything same :/ i never used macro,bot or any hack at all i'm soo noob for computers that i don't even know what is that 3th party program. but in 1 day 2 ban whit same mail and answer?!?!?
  5. Sad story abouth NCSoft

    you all see SpeedHackers runing around SSP, what NCSoft did? nothing. even when you report player whit video, name,server,chanel, screanshot you still see same player useing same hack 3 days after report, that is rly sadm
  6. Error 3000

    Dear NCSoft pls stop lieing players and ONLY 1 time be honest whit us!!! after 3 weeks "ticketing" whit BnS support team and many,many "do this, do that, give us this,give us that" we come to "problem is whit your ISP, pls contact then to resolve issue" and i did. they were testing my conection and network for 4 days, they even test conection on 2nd IP in franfurt at same time as i was in game (from same computer) and guess what? i got "packed lost" or DC or error 3000 ONLY from BnS IP (server). yea problem is our ISP! after 4 days my ISP said that every thing is OK and my network work fine. soo dear NCSoft fix YOUR problem or you lost your players or even get lawsuit, it's totaly up to you.
  7. The Hate for Summoner

    ONLY this that you CAN'T is 3v3 if enemy are 3 scammeners
  8. Just w8 to see how much runing you will need in Lab6 :D as the name say it is Labirint :D and it have F3 :D good luck whit cross server on that :)
  9. The Hate for Summoner

    scammener is joke :) as detro i don't have any problem burst them both down or just burst scammener depend on how scammener play whit cat, as FM use E open devine sleep cat burst scammener :) just that easy :) ONLY unbalance whit scammnere is what they fix whit warlock, pet should have time limit and scammener should summ pet in fight NOT start fight whit pet
  10. Upgrades gated behind 6 person dungeons...

    can you simply explane me HOW can DUO and SOLO be same. is DUO=SOLO? or you just didn't read what i said. and yes in tera (just like in BnS) you can duo any dung) i DUO MCHM(as hardest dung ever made, 1st MCHM not after XXXL nerf) at tera and DUO lab4/BsH4/Poh4...
  11. Upgrades gated behind 6 person dungeons...

    if you played TERA like you said you did, you wouldn't make cyring. cuz in TERA you CAN'T do anything solo (played TERA 4y and had from vm1 to vm5) even if you get OP PRO in soloing PvE (i don't belive you will) GL on soloing LAB6 :D
  12. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    @Sophena looks to me you spam forum more then arena :D stop liveing in Tera times, new game, new time, new things... :)
  13. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    wooooooooow koni long time didn't saw your name :D