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  1. Prem should be able to mail for free. @Cyan Just imagine doing dailies on alt but not actually getting any gold because you're mailing glided square/ penta is kind of depressing.
  2. LMAO imagine being this butthurt over incorrect patch notes.
  3. "Value" items in f10 special would be a good start, or buying priority in trove. Regarding gems - I see that gem powders can be purchased, but where do you get the gems to transmute into a higher tier?
  4. This may be quite the controversial topic, but what is the best way to spend money on this game as far as progression goes? From what I can see, certain items from F10 special can typically sell at a higher gold ratio. Are there any items you would keep an eye out for? And how else would you spend your NC Coins more efficiently?
  5. Ruri

    Warlocks dps

    Warlock has terrible downtime if you don't have the HM dragoncall/ helix book.
  6. Hello! I managed to finish the storyline (I think?) recently, and got to level 45. I used gold I saved up from quests and bought a moonwater transformation stone to upgrade my weapon by the end of it. Problem is now I literally only have 20 silver left so I'm not even sure what to start farming for gold @_@ Even if I disregard materials, breakthrough costs for my equips are like 60 silver+ which I can't afford. What are some of the things I should be doing as a fresh level 45? Also, how should I go about crafting in this game? I chose green thumbs, tree fellers, soul wardens, and m
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