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  1. Hi all, thanks for your comments! We aren't actually changing any of the costumes in this series. However, we're working to simplify things a bit and make them more intuitive. As part of that process, the Red/Black version appeared temporarily in the Wardrobe and led to some confusion. For those loving the Red/Black look and concerned that it was changed to pink, don't worry - you'll get a chance to don that crimson and onxy style in the future.
  2. These particular costume sets are as cool as they are sometimes confusing. We're working to ensure players will eventually get access to the many variations of these outfits, in their original versions as well. I can't yet share exactly when and where you'll be seeing them, but it is on our to do list.
  3. The number of Gem Hammers to unlock Gem Socket 4 on non-Legendary weapons will change to 3, regardless of what stage that weapon is. We can't refund old Hammers used, but we can make it better moving forward.
  4. Hi everyone, we have another development to share with you. It took a lot of work, but the process of upgrading non-Legendary weapons should soon be made much simpler and more fair. Your feedback has been a crucial part of getting these changes prioritized, so thank you very much for your input. Apologies for being silent so long; weapon Upgrades and Gem Sockets touch a lot of different game systems, and it took some time to confirm we'll be able to accomplish them. It's my hope that, with your help and understanding, we can continue to make Blade &
  5. With today's update, we should have most of the Costumes stampable and all players should have access to using stamps via mail. Patch Notes
  6. One of our team PMs was on square 99, so we're happy for the extra time too!
  7. **UPDATE** Please see HERE for updated information Hello everyone, first of all thank you very much for your patience while we’ve finalized a plan and confirmed how we’ll execute it. The weapon and Gem Socket systems are pretty complex due to the variety of points at which players can transition to the Silverfrost weapon path and variety of different Gem Hammer prices depending on socket number, weapon stage, and weapon type. After looking at a lot of complicated alternatives, we’ve come up with a plan to help make players feel better about potential bad luck when upgrading.
  8. This is just a quick note to let folks know we're aware the new rotating costumes aren't yet stampable. I'm personally looking forward to mailing Bunny Fluff and Lover Boy Bowties around, so they're on our To Do list.
  9. Hello everyone, I wanted to offer a quick follow-up. As mentioned before, we are working to make more costumes "stampable", with the goal of having all purchasable costumes (directly or via bundles and boxes), plus several limited event costumes included. We are also tuning the verbiage on Stamps and other items to make the system more clear. Your input and patience so far has been very helpful, thank you. Also, everyone should be able to use stamps to mail cosmetics to your other characters on the same account. This means that even if you cannot normally send regular items to other player
  10. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. With the Silverfrost Mountains update, during the weapon upgrade process after True Profane, the number of unlocked gem sockets available on your weapon are randomized when transitioning to the new progression system. What this means is that you can either lose, gain, or experience no change on your weapon’s gem sockets. This is by design and experienced in all versions of Blade & Soul. However, for those that have invested in unlocking an additional slot with Gem Hammers, this can feel unfair. We understand that th
  11. Hey, thanks very much for the kind words. We don't have a donation pipeline, but please feel free to buy your character a snazzy new outfit on our behalf. *wink*
  12. I can verify that it's our first goal to make all paid cosmetics (including those from bundles, paid boxes etc.) as 'stampable', and we appreciate your patience as we sort out the ones that aren't working yet. Other costumes we carefully look at on a case-by-case basis to ensure we strike the right balance of giving you the freedom to move rare items as you like, while keeping exclusive hard-to-earn items where they belong.
  13. Hi everyone, thank you very much for the quick feedback! We're very excited to have introduced this system, though there may be a couple technical snags to sort out. If you experience something you think isn't right, please do post on this thread and we'll certainly take your input. While not everything you personally want may be part of the intended design, we will keep a close eye on your feedback to help spot pieces of the system that aren't working as intended. I can verify that some folks are having trouble moving certain costumes we intend to be 'stampable' and we will address that.
  14. Rukkirii indeed shared this and several other fan-favourite suggestions with the Product Management team. Please do keep suggesting your favourites; as she said we make no specific promises, but we are indeed taking input!
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