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  1. The Founder - title

    There was a bug when they applied a patch about a week ago that removed the titles from the build. They are aware of this and are working to add them back into another patch, You will get your Titles back be patient. They have several things being fixed, for example the radiant ring cant make rings... they removed the existance of accessory making from the game.
  2. Stop failing NCSoft..

    @DurtyZerg They did address spam, they added a smart filter that after a period of time auto mutes spammers. Via a patch they implemented a lvl 10 chat restriction, added a new way to right click and add to spam so your blacklist that can handle 50 people doesn't get completely full. They did a good bit of what you just suggested, I am not saying they couldn't do more. The way you speak it is like you forgot they have actually been actively combating spam bots. EDIT: to add to what Vau said, the spam is not much of an issue on my server Poharan, I sometimes need to right click add to spam but its not really that bad
  3. Stop failing NCSoft..

    I think you answered your own question when you said a bunch of spam bots and its been less then a month. It takes time to ban, I am not saying they are efficient but let's be real about how much work it would take to stop all these spam bots. They implemented several things to stop the bot spam and It has helped, there are noticeably less for me. I actually don't see much of a reason for the global channels. Most of them are just players spamming random topics, or having a one on one conversation with the whole faction stuck seeing them respond back and forth. There is only so much I can reasonably expect someone to be able to stop when you can mass make accounts for free.
  4. I agree with some of these suggestions. I would entertain a vote kick but frankly some pretty good solutions are here. Locking loot to a vote solving one of the major issues. Restricting loot rights to players that actually did 5% damage on the boss also sounds like it would solve worlds of issues. I am for: Vote to change loot % damage to have bid rights on boss loot auto kick after DC time limit. Finally a blacklist that allows you to not be grouped with people added to this list, so since players have Region Locked names you could encounter a carry troll and simply never have to deal with them again. I actually think players have brought up a good point about vote kick not being required.
  5. A Few QoL Suggestions

    I always like seeing suggestion threads. Sometimes people think up some QoL things I had not even considered. Hmm, I do think the easier way to see a players level and ability to preview weapons would be good. I also agree about the combat settings just because less navigation to get what I want is always a plus in my book. As for what I would like to see in game... A mass salvage option would be nice. So I could tell it to salvage all the blue or lower soul shields in my inventory without doing them individually. or even being able to do this for purples after doing mass and typing Salvage
  6. It is common but even in other games asking to get a transfer especially when a game is just released tends to work. I remember changing race on TERA and asking them to transfer all my costumes to another character that could use them. It never hurts to ask, If I want two characters to have the same costume I have no qualms about paying. But if like the OP said I was to want everything off this character as a 1 time thing, I don't see why asking support would hurt. When I did it in TERA they helped.
  7. @TheFieryTaco Why not open a ticket with support,create your other character ask them to transfer the costumes you have in your inventory on your KFM explaining your plans to delete it or whatever you plan on doing. I don't know if they will or won't do this but I would exhaust all my options before I admit defeat. It also doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. I don't exactly time each time I run a dungeon, Initially I had to work with getting down mechanics and it took a bit but I never timed it after the dungeon runs were smooth. Why does it sound like you are trying to have a pissing contest here. The orb I kill is right by the circles they stand in and I kill it between the bosses switching out. It is the same as if you waited the only difference is that when they engage at the same time they come over to me I kill the orb with one last hit. You seem awfully grouchy and elitest. I take it you time your runs for no particular reason.
  9. that is very odd, I know from personal experience while doing brightstone when I was getting down the boss fight it could rotate which boss first aggro'd when it reset half way. Did you try angering the blue guy when green didn't aggro?
  10. To each their own, I don't mind the four seconds I spend to not have to dodge or lotus flurry and focus on just dealing with the bosses and dodge their red mechanics. Not like it makes any real difference in clear time at all.
  11. Oh, I don't know how to help in that situation as I haven't had to deal with it, for the tower does leaving and re entering the room fix this issue?
  12. I kill an orb or two to avoid the huge AoE they like to do between engages. It lets me not get knocked down and smashed when the other boss re enters and I can kill the orb easily in a few seconds.
  13. So, I deal with the orbs after a boss disengages so its always out of combat, thus I almost kill the orb and draw the boss near finish it and continue onto the boss. So I guess I pull the boss in combat like you said to avoid the issue.
  14. So, when they switch and I need to focus an orb I usually 90%ish kill it and then dry the boss by it kill it and continue to attacking the boss, I at this point also have usually hit the boss once or twice. Try keeping the orbs alive long enough for the boss to head over to you. If they are still on the platform depending on how far away you are they can disengage.
  15. It is important to keep in mind that if you are invisible as an assassin and kill one of the orbs you will reset the boss. I am not sure what class you were but that is a common mistake made by my fellow Assassins. by all means go invisible but make sure you are visible and the boss is angry at you when you kill the orbs.