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  1. The Tomb of Exiles daily is right next to the dungeon, at the camp you can windstride to. It offers a box that gives you 2 soulstones, along with other items.
  2. Here we are, devolved into just petty insults back and forth. Just because people don't want to spend money doesn't make them poor or unsupportive. I am premium and I don't hold people's opinions of what is worth their money against them because it is our personal wealth. Both sides should stop bickering at the poster and deal with the post. Less fighting on both sides, calling people stupid and posting Images depicting such is childish. Everything in a game is content, The argument is over what people are and are not by default in the free2play model entitled to. The t
  3. There are several ways to run a Free2Play game, NCsoft West said well before the game launched their plans were to charge for convenience and cosmetics while avoid selling power items and be pay2win. @zapp002 I don't think you know even what you are fighting for anymore. You can call it whatever you want, but you are no matter how much you try to hype it up, complaining about features you believe yourself entitled to. The sooner you realize this the better. I mean no offense, I just want you to realize what people see with what you type. The model chosen for this g
  4. You can play till level 14 on any character complete all the training quests and get a feel for if you like that character, then if you don't delete them in 5 minutes. The thing is you are complaining about two slots, but what game gives large amounts of currency and such at a low level. If you want more character slots, play the game and unlock them. There is a tutorial, both on the website, and a quest in the game that introduces you to every crafting guild. It as at lvl 15 in Jadestone village.
  5. Someone hasn't done any 45 dailies, just the Poh dailies can net you a few gold. I think I went from 2 gold to 6 just doing those dailies. Then there are the normal dungeon, faction and run around dailies. It isn't hard to make gold in this game at all. Plus the auctions for crafter recipes or ingredients make some dungeon runs pretty profitable.
  6. This thread wasn't serious was it? I think the topic kind of died when it was revealed that by playing the game you could for free unlock more characters. All you have to do is hit the hongmoon coin tab and see what you can get without paying. It happens to be 90% of the items in the store. I have 7 character slots from being a master pack, I am using two characters. Why?, because there is so much to do daily wise be it faction, arena, dungeon, or run around quests that I don't really have time to use more characters. In my opinion this topic seems like a child's r
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