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  1. Leechers/Afkers in cross-server.

    Change the loot settings (if you're playing with friends on the same server)and trade drops/money. If not, there's not much you can do about it other than re-queue or let it be. You can do most dungeons with two people anyway. It would be a different story if AFKer's damage/participation is actually needed to get the dungeon finished.
  2. Is it Legal to sell GOLD for NCOIN?

    Well a Hongmoon Store Item gifted (as you can't trade it) for in-game currency should be fine. The only way to *give* NCoins is to have access to their account. Which isn't allowed for obvious reasons.
  3. WTF is wrong with pinchy wheel of fate.

    Take. A. Break. RNGesus will be in your favor on a whim.
  4. Mail still locked even when you have spend Ncoin.

    But all that is required is to load in some NCoins to get the Mail System working. What. They allowed Gamecards as payment for NCoins. What.
  5. Favorite class and why?

    Summoner. Because I like my cat fluffy. o3o Meow~ And that heal makes me feel useful even if I'm a wittle nooblet since I haven't tinkered with my skills enough. o^o (But really, how can you not that fluffy cat >3<) And Destroyer. Because axes are almost scythes and scythes are awesome. And there's plenty of scythe looking weapon skins later on. And you get to pick people/mobs up and make them go WHEE! \o/ And playing my Destoyer makes me feel like Hercules. o3o
  6. Trying to settle in

    Acquired Taste (Cook) is only useful if you use a lot of Dumplings or to make the Ceremonial Meal which is used as a material to make Purification Jar. Silver Cauldron to make Health Tonics (both which can be easily farmed by killing mobs close to your level) are pretty useful to pot-heavy classes. I'd recommend Soul Warden so you'd be able to make Unsealing Charms (not really useful in early levels), and Merry Potter if you'd like to be able to earn more as Refiners sell for quite a bit in the Marketplace. Radiant Ring (Jeweler) is good for making keys/gems to put into your weapon sockets. Forgers will be useful once more updates come in but right now, not so much. I'm not familiar with other classes (I'm mainly a Summoner and have a Destroyer and FM on the side). Sorry I can't help much with that. >_<
  7. Invitation From Porohan QUEST to Blackram Supply Chain

    Send a ticket? If you ever lost the quest item by accident. And make sure you've finished all the quests (the yellow arrows).
  8. Dropping BnS cause of bad Drop Rates?

    QAQ FORGOTTEN BRIGHSTONE WEAPON PLEASE. I was expecting Spider Fang drop rate to be worse but apparently not. 50+ dungeons and counting, no Forgotten Brighstone Staff~ \o\ Costumes is all fine and dandy to farm for (SHADOWSTRIKE *Q*) but don't forget to take a break! Breaks are fun! \o/
  9. How do I dodge Blackwyrm's AOE skill?

    Woah thanks for all the tips! Been having problems with this and was a little meh about doing Blackwyrm. >_<
  10. People abusing of Blackram Supply Chain Weapon requirement

    I'd say to change the weapon requirement to...Awakened Profane, was it? Rather than just a Dokumo Weapon. Or Infernal etc. since it's doable with a team geared with that. It's abuse, but not necessarily something you can't do anything about (i.e. play with friends). And not a high priority one. Wish they had damage counters in this game. It's a hassle to personally check all characters for their gear when you just want to finish the dungeon fast and get your daily money. And a more convenient kick option too.
  11. Please add a 2 second lock-out per bid

    Sometimes I wait for people to bid first, trying to be careful and all, other times I bid along with their bids. The bid scaling is pretty steep so sometimes it messes up and then the bid for 2 Moonwater Tears becomes almost 2 gold after less than 1 gold.
  12. Too many garbage alts in high level cross server raids

    I used a Dokumo weapon to queue for 6-man Poharan. o3o... I died twice the whole run. My heal contributes~ \o/ (I'm a summoner, not very good at it though since my cat can't keep aggro.) Sometimes, they will get better in time. Other times, they will leech forever till it hits them that they're playing wrong.
  13. Trolls and 4man blackram supply chain

    What is this Summoner skill? I have no clue. T.T I don't remember if 6-man had it or not, but for 4-man Poharan, there were no notifications of the bosses doing a certain skill, unless you look at the boss and not wait for that DONG!!! sound. I did my first 4-man Poharan earlier and it went pretty fast (thank you my patient guildmates T.T) although I messed up a lot since I didn't know I had a sleep skill (the others had it too but I'm supposed to know my character skills better), and have it in habit to wait for that DONG!!! sound (cause 24-man Poharan) in order to defend against whatever the boss is going to do instead of moving outright.
  14. "American" insults in Dungeons

    You forgot the 'over texts and pixels' part. o3o
  15. "American" insults in Dungeons

    o3o... What a terrible community (as a whole anyway). I will just go to this little corner where I play with a close group of friends that laugh it off instead of pointing fingers and insulting each other over text and pixels. ._.