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  1. I have done this quest a couple of times this last week without any problems. You get the key from Wangsum after you knock him out and talk to Bumbak. Once you have the key, you go click on the cage that Ha Jungwang is in and the cage door opens. You hop in and talk to him. The bombs that are around in that area are irrelevant. They are part of previous quests that have been removed. So just ignore them. 🙂
  2. Yes please, please make the text larger! I can only barely read it and late in the day I can't read it at all. I now totally ignore all player chat since it's too small for me to read. I have computer glasses, and they are very good, but honestly that chat is just way too tiny. The quest text (right side of screen) is also too small. I'm struggling to make it out. If I'm tired I actually have to use a magnifying glass to be able to read it. Mostly I do the J key and bring that up, it's a little bit larger that way. The UI text is just way too small.
  3. I'm not a tech person, however I also noticed a drop in FPS yesterday but only in areas with a lot of other players. The rest of the time I had no problems. Something that helped me last week when I had massive lag: Log off completely close the game, including the launcher. Then log back on. Put me back to normal. No idea why, and no idea if it would help you, but it's worth a try? Well, if you haven't done that already... 🙂 Just for info: I have an iBUYPOWER gaming computer just over a year old and I'm in Southern California USA.
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