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  1. Okay. i really dont mind balancing the cheat, i am in favor of QoL like let players modify the keys in their game, please i suffered from carpal tunnel jsut because this game, min maxing dps to be able to apply to a raid at that time, anyhow. I am posting this for all the player base, new players and returning players to remidn them how terrible was the only anti-cheat the game had and i nmy personal case i had this game guard running 24/7 in my task manager and couldn't close it at all, using my RAM memory, that is aside of game being opened, when i opened the game, as soon as i entered my ms
  2. Hey, just sayign form someone who played in 2016 when they applied HameGuard anti-cheat system, you lvoe your high performance i nthe game now right, be ready for anti cheat to use resources and make UE4 to run in 20 30 fps and your ms to sky rocket again, for that said reason a lot of the players left, and thta doesnt have to deal with your computer specs or anything , it is jsut how invasive is the kr anti cheat that they have in game code, but yeah be ready for that and then complain again of why the game is unplayable, besides that i agree with most of the people that some XML coding like
  3. Finally someone who post evidence instead of just talking withtout info, please fix this drop rate issue!!
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