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  1. You're contributing nothing to the discussion KR got the class change system together with 3rd spec SF. I guess we'll see it in here in a few months
  2. It's a given that we will get fewer rewards because they are more ahead of us. At this point I'd settle for some rewards instead of no rewards
  3. No, on the contrary, I am expecting FEWER rewards because it makes sense. KR is a lot more ahead in terms of gear so for example 60 nocturnal scales from the BP would be ok for them but not for us considering that those scales are used for BIS gear.
  4. KR got both soul fiesta and the battlepass together with UE4, while we got nothing. While I understand that KR is way more ahead in terms of content/gear, we still should have received at least the battlepass since the dungeon rewards are so blatantly obvious that they were designed around the battlepass. The loot pool for all dungeons is too homogenous, you are effectively not incentivized at all to run different dungeons on harder difficulties because you can get for example uzume gear in Sandstorm Temple, which does not make sense. Everyone is just running the easiest dungeon fo
  5. I've been having this problem for almost a year. Ever since I switched from Win 7 to 10 BnS ( and BnS only) either freezes while playing, crashing my whole computer ( I can't do anything at all, can't even open task manager so I have to shutdown the PC), or it freezes during loading screens. I've quit playing because of this a few times. What I've tried : Uninstalled gpu drivers using DDU, and nstalled the newest nvidia drivers. Cleaned registry with CCleaner. Scanned pc with malwarebytes. Ran the game on 32 bit. Tried both clients and BnsCefSubProcess.exe in wind
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