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  1. Yeah, I got the answer from clannie that it drops but it is super rare. Was doing that dungeon for a solid month everyday, sometimes 3 runs sometimes id spend in the dungeon 4-5h didn't drop. Starting doubting it tbh.
  2. Its only one time per account, so you want to do it only on one character
  3. Does anyone knows if Dreadtide Arena Naksun still drops Infinite Challenge outfit? I've been running it for a while but so far no luck getting it. Just right now noticed that before outfit had tag saying that you can obtain this from Dreadtide Arena, not anymore tho... xD would really appreciate help. Update: still drops " git lucky"
  4. Constant disconnections from the server (NetworkErr could be either 132 or 133 idk whats the difference is). Been getting those errors after last update. Never had it happened before. And when i try to log in after this error there's always a chance of getting same error again and again. Apparently same message appears when people trying to change characters, this is the most common issue.
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