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  1. @Hime sooo what about us who have premium?? no more chance for hmc?? :S
  2. Well if u were in ceru u also went for ceru clans. Sooh.. there is some good helpfull crimson clans who try help and is more alive. And people not being willing to do stuff well some cases yes. But u also wrong, u Can lfp most dungouns all the Way up to sp tbh. which gives u enough to get decent amount of gear.
  3. If you join The blue faction (ceru) then ya is pretty dead. crimson is more alive (red faction). So that would be good place to start if u want to see a more alive faction and earlier be able to see what people are Selling, dungouns multi, weeklies and so on 🤷‍♀️
  4. @Hime do we again soon get pvp “event” soon too? The one where we Can soend Gold to get some pvp gear etc
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