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  1. That is an excellent guide, I skimmed through a good chunk of it. I wish this would actually be a sticky post on FAQs for this game's forums lol. I have already at this point level 60 HM12ed both of my character slots, then deleted the blade dancer, and finally just uninstalled the game. This game just is not for me. Even if I can to the "after story phase," there just isn't many people actually willing to run that content with a new player. Majority of the folk in the game tend to be very elitist, and condescending. I just don't feel as a newer player that I am welcome in the community, that
  2. Correct, which is exactly what I had said with various points as to why that is. Of course. This is far from my first MMO or RPG experience, however it is definitely the most cryptic and convoluted. The question I had wasn't "why can't I play end game" it was "what am I missing" and I did go into detail about that as well, stating that the game has very little to no information on what to actually do to acquire the next set of items. The sets that are available are story based, and that just isn't enough to get through the starting dungeons without a party. Parties don't exi
  3. I can see how it would have been a great game years ago, but it seems like it aged like milk. This is probably due to poor management by the host company, and I've seen it before with other games. The major reason I started a couple days ago was mostly in part to a friend of mine telling me how much fun they had while playing this game years ago while we were on a discord call. I decided to give it a try, and this was not the result I expected from the hype they gave. Of course they stopped playing a couple years ago in pursuit of other games, and after less than a week, I am foll
  4. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE TO THIS. As a new player, I just don't know what the hell to do. The only thing I ever get told is "Just do your campaign" well, I've done that. I have learned nothing about the actual content of the game, and just feel like i was carried to level 60 without grasping my character, where dungeons are, what levels to do them at, or even what gear is good or bad. The community is either dead, or repeats the same garbage "Do the campaign"
  5. Hi, I am a new player to the game. I started a couple days ago, got to level 60 HM 12. I overall just feel lost in the sauce. Ever since I started the game it has felt... unpopulated. Severely unpopulated to the point where I questioned if I was playing on a test server or something. I joined several clans, all of which are dead, and faction chat just seems to be a silent ghost town. I am continuing in the storyline best as I can, just recently completing I think act 8? Not entirely sure. My gear just seems lack luster, with no clear understanding of how to better equip myself, or even obta
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