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  1. You now buy it from Kangcha at Mushins's tower
  2. I have been playing since beta and yea the quality of the free stuff they give has dropped dramatically if they give any at all. I agree with the statement about trove. They hyped it SO much in the livestream, but in practice, it's not worth buying keys for even. I saw a forum post where a guy used 100 keys and got not 3 stars?! I would be very unhappy with that.
  3. So, did you find out which ones keep the game from launching correctly?
  4. I am having the same problem. I tried repairing game files, and rebooting. Still nothing. Then I updated graphics drivers and turned off antivirus and rebooted again; still nothing. This did not occur until after the update so I am guessing that the update had something to do with it. Given that most of us have tried all the suggested fixes, I suggest you guys look for a cause in the update package.
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