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  1. Thank you for the input. I'll go into my settings and check.
  2. I have a Kung Fu Master that has the Dragonbrand weapon illusion. When I first used it to skin my weapon, there was an aura around my character as well as the weapon itself. Now, there is only an aura around the weapon. What happened to the player aura? I remember how happy I was to have it since I couldn't afford to buy the Lotus Illusion weapon. Is this intended and I missed reading the patch notes eliminating it? Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Read the notes on the update, it's not active yet.
  4. You now buy it from Kangcha at Mushins's tower
  5. I have been playing since beta and yea the quality of the free stuff they give has dropped dramatically if they give any at all. I agree with the statement about trove. They hyped it SO much in the livestream, but in practice, it's not worth buying keys for even. I saw a forum post where a guy used 100 keys and got not 3 stars?! I would be very unhappy with that.
  6. So, did you find out which ones keep the game from launching correctly?
  7. I am having the same problem. I tried repairing game files, and rebooting. Still nothing. Then I updated graphics drivers and turned off antivirus and rebooted again; still nothing. This did not occur until after the update so I am guessing that the update had something to do with it. Given that most of us have tried all the suggested fixes, I suggest you guys look for a cause in the update package.
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