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  1. Suggestion Event

    Hello, So being new player i noticed one interesting thing - Resurgence emblems can only be obtained by "whales". So i was wondering why are we even bothering and covering that up. Just rename them to Whale coins. Will have less confusion and less empty dreams for new or not so well geared players. P.S its only suggestion made for fun, no one have to take it to heart. Best Wishes.
  2. Tips for current Tower of Infinity?

    Tip on when you get kfm - just stand and wait for end. I stopped bothering with it. Went all block, cc resists and damage one time ... what i got is - he blocked everything, stunned me and after that i never came out from that stun. Literally one shot me. So i came to understanding - almost blocks etc everything, does nonsense dps.
  3. TOI kfm

    Hello, Just wanted to ask is everything alright in creators HQ becouse kfm is legit balanced in toi. As i mentioned today in faction - getting kfm in toi is like having a spoon in hand while kfm has star wars force field (with no cooldowns) and machine gun. Ah the best part is he is 100 metres away from you too not that it matters really. So just wondered when you made it like that was everything really ok?. Becouse i see no logic or even a chance to beat that ...
  4. How about they make massive battlefields. Like 30v30 and equals all people's gear like on 1v1 pvp right now. Winning side gets points for which they can take some kind of rewards. Like outfits and so. Will make people more intrested in faction stuff and gear, will make it more skill depended than whale depended so that everyone can attend event. Make like 3 entries per day to each character with daily reward on faction coints or whatever (new player don't know a lot of stuff yet).
  5. Well first of all scan files. Second today they mentioned on stream that you have to get new launcher as fast as possible becouse they not going to support it in near future. Other way around try launching game with administrator rights. If that dosen't help try adding game launcher into antivirus or defender exception list.
  6. PerfectCommunity

    Hello guys, So about me first - i m new person to the game (second week in). And today i asked one guy selling frost orb (for badge or whatever price). He told me 550 gold price after which i replied - "gl buddy". And after that he started lying about me in region chat that i started pming them with offer of 300 gold when i clearly made no such offer. But guess what this fellow lyers didin't sleep too, when i told it was a lie guess what happened ? Somehow i become the enemy of the public for them. I said i can prove with screenshot and they said okey, make it. I did and asked where to post it. Guess what happened after? "noone cares" thing. So i just wanted to warn you about these lying people before hand. Maybe will get to some argument with them. After that they told me i want everything for free. I m some kind of pampered kid who wants everything for free when i didint stated any specific price, didint asked anything for free. You can see my nickname in game by which you can ask anyone i never asked for anything free, all i ask people is for information about game. (I had offers to get free stuff but i always declined, for example - free pet which i declined and etc). [content moderated] Edit - added for better understanding of his lies after. [content moderated]
  7. It was my idea about third faction. Idea is - here is third faction to which we kick out toxic and so players. We call them exalted ones. We put theyr chat on twitch for our entertaiment and each week we vote on 5 people who can return or so :D