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  1. @RynaraI only have a simple question for you...will you deploy Blade & Soul running on ue4 in such a way that we don't find bugs around every corner ingame and can enjoy the game on release on the 8th of September as mentioned here (link: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en-us/news/article/5156/unreal-engine-4-update-launches-september-8)? Since the livestream was canceled twice already I have the strong suspicion that the reason behind it is that Blade & Soul UE4 isn't ready or so flawed in performance that you don't want or can show it to your playerbase nor are you honest enough to s
  2. @Rynara I can only speak for myself but yes the lag still occurs in the event dungeon "Kaebi Village" and it won't disappear unless you (the publisher) fixes this problem yourself! In my personal opinion the two main reasons behind the lag in this dungeon are caused by it's design itself and the difference between single hit (Gunslinger for example) and aoe classes (Destroyer for example). The dungeon starts with a wave of "X" monsters which will home onto you unless they are ranged monsters which are few followed by 1 bossmonster after all monsters are killed OR enoug
  3. @HimeThank you for your help. that answers all my questions regarding the weapon chest. So it seems the new area is worthless. In the time i would spend there farming this weapon i can farm the materials for a real Grand Celestial Weapon Stage 5 which is further upgradeable. So there is no point in wasting my time there.
  4. @Hime or anyone else, has someone already farmed enough "Ebon Bloom" for this weapon chest and can tell me what weapon we can get by farming in the "Ebon Realm"?
  5. @HimeHello Hime, in the new area ("Ebon Realm") we can exchange 3500 "Ebon Bloom" for an "Grand Celestial Weapon Chest", but nowhere is stated what weapon we are getting from opening this chest! It's not mentioned in the patch notes or the description of the "Grand Celestial Weapon Chest". I'd like to know which stage the weapon in the chest will be before I farm 3500 "Ebon Bloom" on my alt characters and whether or not this weapon will be upgradeable and if the gem-slots are random (3-8) or fixed?
  6. @HimeAnother Question that comes to mind is if i gift my 2 boxes from Character A to Character B on the same Account via mail does it counts towards my "gifted count"? And what if Character B sends the same 2 boxes via mail to another Character C on the same Account? Does this also count towards my "gifted count"? And is this "gifted count" per Account or per Character? The patch notes are really vague in that regard.
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