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  1. I can't enter in my game

    How do you solve it? because I had same problem and i still cant login till now
  2. I make an alt to accompany my friend that are new in this game to leveling. About to show them some interesting funny side quests that I was doing back then but it took me times to realized that most of side quests gone. I remember that sidequest when NPC named Gacha pranked us in yehara mirages. Or the sidequest were a little boy asks us to help him confesses his love to a girl in Hogshead Hamlet. etc etc all that sidequests gone :(
  3. have you do the quest ' the high life' in windrest? that's the most chillax quest i know in bns beside that, I agree with this post. probs devs forgot that not all the players are amibitous hardcore with doing constant hard dungeons/raids. some players just want to enjoy company with friends by doing chill quest but still makes reward.
  4. mushin tower 20 is so painful to be cleared in 300+ ping ._. i've cleared it once and feels like don't want to go back there again and I agree with this, old dungeons should be stay in DC. I've find difficulties to helping my friend gearing up and introduce them to daily challenge and i don't have heart to take them directly to the dungeons like IF/EL when they're not familiar at all with it. I want to build their confidence to go to purple dungeons/DC by take them to the place like EC/DT/frozen fang first ._.
  5. 1. nope, I don't use bns buddy 2. like I said above, the other players in my region can see and purchase the item just fine, and they're not using vpn or anything, i know it bcs some of them are my friends, when i asked them about this problem before.
  6. Act IX Chapter 17 Bug!

    maybe you don't pay attention with the combat area. if you're too far from the original area were he stands, he will resets. I've once getting kicked out to the altar area and he resets. try to keep your chara and him not too far from it.
  7. I've checked the entire tabs but still can't find any.
  8. Hello, I have a problem about my Hongmoon Store. It doesn't have the Party Box item. I've searching literaly every tab in HM Store but still can't find it in or item searching. I thought it was banned in my region, but its not, the other players that in same region as me have that item in their Hongmoon Store and can purchase it just fine. So I'm pretty sure there's a bug on my HM Store. I've contacting the support and they said I should use my repair tool. I've done what they said, but, the result still same :( Wonder if anyone had the same problem with me.
  9. Character Drawing

    Hi! I open art commision, you can take a look if you're interested
  10. Hi, guys! Do you want a cool in-game profile picture of your character? Or simply an art of you or your friend's character for gift or whaterver you want? I OPEN COMMISION FOR YOUR BNS CHARACTER. Check this out! - General Rules - I can draw any races GON/JIN/YUN/LYN and any genders no NSFW max 2 character per one canvas weapons will charge extra price provide me with references as detail as possible payment after I showing the WIP progress and no cancel once I've made a progress for your order price are per character You will receive a clear backgroundless PNG image and backgroud version with simple color, I will upload a watermarked version of your commission to my dA and other social medias and on these forums each orders will finished max 1 week (depends on how much i receive the order) you may repost the image wherever you want with credit to me please mail me with this form : How many characters?: Character ref: (front, back and sides) order type (bust up/halfbody) Weapon ref: (if you want me to draw a weapon) Cat ref (if you want me to draw a weapon) Pose request (if there's any) and brief description of your characters CONTACTS : In-game name : pikok/Darren T (zulia server) I'll updated regulary the slots. Leave me in reply which one you've contact me with so I could immediately check them out >,< fb more reccomended since I've more online there. thank you!