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  1. Character Drawing

    Hi! I open art commision, you can take a look if you're interested
  2. Hi, guys! Do you want a cool in-game profile picture of your character? Or simply an art of you or your friend's character for gift or whaterver you want? I OPEN COMMISION FOR YOUR BNS CHARACTER. Check this out! - General Rules - I can draw any races GON/JIN/YUN/LYN and any genders no NSFW max 2 character per one canvas weapons will charge extra price provide me with references as detail as possible payment after I showing the WIP progress and no cancel once I've made a progress for your order price are per character You will receive a clear backgroundless PNG image and backgroud version with simple color, I will upload a watermarked version of your commission to my dA and other social medias and on these forums each orders will finished max 1 week (depends on how much i receive the order) you may repost the image wherever you want with credit to me please mail me with this form : How many characters?: Character ref: (front, back and sides) order type (bust up/halfbody) Weapon ref: (if you want me to draw a weapon) Cat ref (if you want me to draw a weapon) Pose request (if there's any) and brief description of your characters CONTACTS : In-game name : pikok/Darren T (zulia server) I'll updated regulary the slots. Leave me in reply which one you've contact me with so I could immediately check them out >,< fb more reccomended since I've more online there. thank you!