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  1. Guild Supplies

    In every crafting field you can create Guild Supplies to provide you the basic necessary items for your character and repair tools you can use or trade. Currently you can create 64 chests in 1 minute. Since I started this game back when you collected water for crafting, it took forever to unpack these chests. Today was a real PIA as I had 448 to unpack. This took 149.3 seconds. 2 and a half minutes!! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!!! @.@ Pul-lease! can we not just have them opened when we select the amount?????
  2. I just read through this entire thread and apart from being a little confused by what is available on which path and who needs what for which, the availability of some materials is "Gated" as the current event bonuses reveal. The daily coins from Login and daily dungeons. Some weapons required for upgrades. Some upgrade materials. It looks like Story gamers on the PVE path are being punished for not doing PVP or Dungeons? You follow the story from the beginning and you are following the "Hong Moon way with Honour and Compassion" and then you are forced to join a faction to continue? WTF?! So it is forced PVP right from the beginning. Not the Hong Moon way! lmfto By the time the current even finishes I will have a pile of Crisis coins to purchase greatly un-needed Tonics or just leave them to be scrapped for 1 copper each! But yes - there should be an alternative method for PVE/PVP to obtain the materials they need without needing a mortgage to play a pharqing game! Follow your own path.... Yeaah...Ri-ight!
  3. What do you do? CTRL+F all the time or you hang out in some isolated area away from the crowds? I noticed myself over the past couple of weeks that more and more players are removing their weapons when they are not in combat. Why do you suppose this is? There is an option to select visuals (If you have them) or is the default - OFF would also be a welcome Option!
  4. NA KR or EU ?

    How can you tell? They all say "Crowded"?! 0.0

    WHY is the character's CROTCH HIGHLIGHTED during wind strides and wind walking?! THIS IS PERVERSE!! I do NOT want my attention drawn to the bright dancing light on the screen which happens to be ON THE CHARACTERS CROTCH! WHY are we being FORCED to STARE at the CHARACTERS CROTCH?????? IF this is CENSORSHIP - then USE PIXEL BLURRING!!
  6. Stop adding content, waste of resources

    To go back to the original posting: Please release the new content, AFTER it has been debugged! Do the developers actually go over what they cobbled together or is it a case of "Meh, that will do for now."? The change in the team has been strongly evident in this current release and I for one hope the errors will be corrected at least when the new class is added? It is disappointing in the current state. Totally agree Snowyamur - While I am also looking forward to UE4 I would rather wait than rush into development, and this goes for rushing content also...
  7. Blue quest solutions

    Confusing? With the in game guidance, the blues were anything but confusing and was clear from the start that they were optional. Now the game is totally boring and links between areas blow monkeys. I noticed also the change in earning experience... IF you do manage to remember the dailies, and find the blue quests later in the games, AND use the Dragon Soup (100% Experience bonus) from level 11 - YOU STAY AT SAME LEVEL! So in other words - Race through and do just the yellow quests and reach level 45 ( for example) or use the 100% experience bonus and do the blues you can find and the dailies and you will still be at level 45! Maybe this only works when in the Hongmoon levels?? Nope is no confusion with the blue quests - but now is little game content unless you like to play with classmates in the dungeons or PVP, and I like many others like to work at own pace and follow the storyline on a solo basis and maybe give a hand once in a while. Related to this is nerfing the Achievements? Is many now that are not do-able? Is only 1 Gem achievement that can be done now? I could continue but this would turn into a rant....
  8. Blue quest solutions

    The removal of the blue (secondary/bonus) quests has for me left VAST wasted areas in the game, and DEHUMANISED the WHOLE storyline..... Everytime NCSoft releases new game content, I start again from the beginning to see how it has changed; recently this has meant deleting characters to start afresh. What a WASTE OF TIME! Only Today I completed the Brightstone Massacre questline and that was NOTHING! the Talus Barracks there is just there - not involved o.o Some areas you need to fight through to complete the quest - is no experience for this AT ALL! I think was just ONE occasion you were awarded experience points in the Brightstone Massacre and that was when you completed 1 quest and also levelled. : BY THE WAY - YOU MISSED REMOVING ONE - JINBIN - (Sarc.) : I enjoyed this game and loved following the story line but it is totally FUBAR'ed now and any new players will no doubt find it a real bore and not bother with it. BTW: The new content is a nasty twist and a real surprise, would love to see where this is going but the game is FU'ed now so I am not hopeful and reconsidering the value of being Premium member..... No longer recommending this game to friends at this time....