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  1. Thank you so much Cyan, this is REALLY good news for most of us. I think dc reward chest and solar energy on 2nd milestone is an excellent update.
  2. the nebula stone didn't appear on my received items list either. and it's supposed to be delivered after completing the intro story. something fishy is going on here. let's wait for an announce or someone who received the reward to speak up.
  3. i didn't get the reward either. since ncsoft loves some little games and tricks, i'm starting to suspect that we all created our zen archers on september 18, and the leveling event announced on september 19 so we won't be qualified. hope that's not the case.
  4. Is the jin female's hair on the archer release post a new hair style we are getting with the update? Because the hair adornment doesn't change the hair it just stands on top of the original hair for both males and females. If it is a new style, it looks pretty cool.
  5. Finally someone else recognize this too! I really wanted my gunner to be a female jin with a pale skin but this color difference bothered me so much that i made it a yun. Pale skin on jin females makes it so much more obvious but it is present in all light colored skin tones. I suggest you to pick one of the skin tones on the first three little squares, they are less noticable. Also some of the face complexions might hide it a little, if you hadn't already created a character.
  6. They won't give us a compensation for the old heaven's mandate/cold storage items but apparently we need to run these dungeons for the event aaand nobody has the orb. So I have decided to use the new orb they gave with the gift pack for my new 60 level summoner's quest letter and guess what happened ? Disconnect. Good bye my single ascension orb. Good bye B&S. No need to tell I have disconnected two times before that in the same day. I cannot stand this game anymore. I tried to be grateful with some of the changes, cost reductions etc. but if I'm gonna go crazy while trying to have fu
  7. Totally agreed. I would love to play as a elvish looking male avatar with pointy ears and long blonde or silver hair. Taller than jin males but not as muscular as gon males, simply more elegant than both of them, preferably with warlock or some kind of magic using possible new class. It would be amazing <3
  8. I am experiencing the same poor performance for a week. I usually get 55-60 fps but nowadays at the start of the boss fight i get fps drops to as low as 4-5 accompanied with ms increase. After approximately a minute or so it gets back to normal only to drop again in a few minutes... I use the lowest graphic settings possible, so i have nothing to do with settings in this situation. I have read somewhere i don't remember, but maybe it can be related to the windows 10 update or something. I have been ignoring an update notification for 2 days now and i don't know whether i should do
  9. If they keep ignoring all the displeasure about this patch, then it means they will have killed the game by their own hands. This patch is totally against the new players, and if there are no new players this game will be as dead as uncle ben has ever been.
  10. I've unlocked the royal zen bean sunflower skill before, but now it is locked (red book symbol in martial tome). The weird thing is that the tool tip of the sunflower move 1 says it requires volume 4 skill book to be unlocked rather than royal zen bean. I don't recall reading such a change in patch notes. So, is it a bug or did they change it without letting us know?
  11. Today i got the 3rd divine grace stone on my alt which i was thinking of deleting after the automaton assault event ends. It's so frustrating that my main only has one. Seriously the character bound item concept is so ridiculous except the weapons and soul shields because they are class exclusive. The rest should be just account bound. I feel they will eventually be account bound, but what's the point of waiting so long while the whole players want them to be account bound? My luck with the princess cannonball tokens is going well but i'm kinda afraid to spin the wheel just because
  12. I was wondering if it is still available on today's specials or removed? I've been waiting for a while and i think i've never seen one.
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