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  1. Show off your characters!!

    My Warden and my new Gunner
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Few new screenshots of my summoner :)
  3. Show Off Your Warden's mine.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Much appreciated, and i guess as a ice Warden the male gon presets would indeed fit the class better. Cheers ;) Hmm, overall the second one has a better look, maybe a different hair style would fit it better?
  5. Show off your characters!!

    Hmm...which one of these presets fits better the new class ? :-?
  6. Show off your characters!!

    Thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot, especially coming from you. :P
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Hmm...i think my summoner might be hearing things.... My destroyer who most definitely has some anger management issues... And my presets for Warden. ;)
  8. It's heartbreaking to see how many players reached the 100% mark and ran out of oils, while the event was really nice and helped a good amount of players i can't help but feel sorry for those who are stuck at 100%. Please find a solution to help these players, don't let all their hard work be in vain. Either keep the free Oils in HM store for a little longer or at least make them tradable, let the players help each other, personally i have 12 oils left that i don't need anymore ( plus those from HM Store ), i would gladly give them to someone else if possible.
  9. Right, i should be all sunshine and rainbows now that we're a day away from a stream and they MIGHT do something even better, i guess i can bend over now, it's all cool, all is forgotten, it's not like they ignored us from the past month or anything, it's not like some of our friends left the game and have no plan or reason to come back, it's not like they cut our ways to make gold in half for no good reason whatsoever, it's not like new players are put through hell after they reach level cap and have no reasonable way to actually advance in game. I guess in order to be more "helpful" i should bend over and stay quietly in my corner, there is no reason whatsoever to be "bitter" and stand up to these stupid changes that they implemented recently.
  10. They posted some copy-paste generic crap, they also had enough time to figure out by now where the problem lies, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to find a quick solution, just revert some of the changes that came with the last update, but i guess they can't read their own patch notes because of all the "fake outrage". Floors 16-20 are right now a decent way to farm some gold, the elysian orbs are going for 10 gold each and the drop-rate is somewhat decent.
  11. Free Presets

    Heya ;) I also have a few presets i don't plan to use anytime soon, i hope you don't mind i posted them here @Kezzie, if it's a problem just tell me and i will edit my post asap. Cheers. P.S : These two are awesome.
  12. Sweet Emotion Midnight Detective Business Casual Moonlight Explorer Dragonfall Corporate Climber Velvet Rope + adornment The few i can think about right now ;)
  13. It's quite funny how out of touch with reality you are ;). The players who have access to those items can't care less about the 10 gold from those dungeons. What ?... please, at this point i'm actually worried about you, check a doctor as soon as possible. Actually, i do. *Check my initial post, while i used your own words against you, i did said your point was valid.* Yet, there are people with better RNG, a chance it's always better then none. Did you had a stroke half way through this post? But they are! Get over it, they got old. The game will always have players who don't care and won't be able to learn, that doesn't mean everyone is a slacker, stop jumping to conclusions. Because it's old, it's supposed to be faster in order to let the new players catch up ( until a certain point ) to the old ones. If you really care about the mechs so much, you might want to bring those complaints to NCSOFT, stop being a fanboy, the players are not the ones who brought you those mech nerfs. As i said before... I got you, it's so cool to spin the wheel and get some cool costumes, feels so...*cool*, but those new players will eventually hit level cap and the cold and harsh reality will hit 'em hard, most of them won't stay long enough to get a chance to enjoy the game at its full potential, i know my friends didn't..,but hey, it's okey, you can farm 26 gold a day ;) Who was asking for spoon-feeding? People are asking the staff to revert the changes that came with the last update ( REWARD WISE/DUNGEONS NERF ), no one asked you for help, get over yourself.
  14. "This whining never cease to amaze me and if your argument is "me only play for 2 hours" well sucks for you, people that dedicates time have more stuff, like everything in life, I do not understand this whining afaik I've never seen a community whining so much about a game" Sounds familiar?...I guess it's whining only when other people bring up valid complains. I'm pretty sure that's not something i said. So did many others, most likely you got your money worth at the time, while it was not endgame it was pretty damn close and i'm sure you had no problem running whatever dungeons you wanted, back then, requirements were much lower too, so please, tell me more about your struggle. Not only did you had more gold, you also got gold from people biding on materials and boxes, also you had a chance to get some gold bars from those lucent boxes that they removed recently. It's not like those who need these 10g the most can run this dungeons. Because they are almost irrelevant now. *Brain fart* old content keeps getting nerfed*.