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  1. Yep that exactly what i found, when i see side to side old xml + new xml after apply on setting ingame, i saw that it apply oculus quest 2 by default, and when disabling it in windows sound manager, it's gone. I don't know how it take this device by default but anyway, that's a fix. I'm just wanted to share this fix, and i see your notification. Nice job!
  2. Bug Summary update: Changing any setting, will cause fps to plummet I got the same issue, the thing it's, when you're just changing or apply any option, it will do this issue. The only thing that remove the low fps issue is to delete the username\Documents\BnS\NCWEST\ClientConfiguration.xml. This "fix" just remove the "1 frame each 5 secondes" but do not remove the bug at all, any other change into your setting will reapply this bug anyway. I guess its maybe due to a permission issue or something or a corrupted file, but please ...
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