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  1. What happened to tranmuting letters from last event? Transmutes always stays a few weeks after a new update? I normally save up as much event currency i can and then spend it as efficiently as i can when the event is over. I this case i can't since i can't transmute any letters? The "Haunted Halloween Token" clearly states that its redeemable until 2020/12/15. But why is that if i can't use them for the previous event transmutation? I can't use them elsewhere?
  2. I really love this game down to its core. I don't care about the people that say it's a dead game, or that the performance is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ or that it's pay to win. Imo the game is what you make it to be. To me it's awesome. I firstly decided not to write anything but today on a Wednesday before reset i experienced that i had a hard time finding people for weekly stuff. Did this many people actually just leave the game because they lost a lot of stuff because of mistakes made by NCSOFT or is it just me? I don’t like how our “community manager” is not happy about people calling their m
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