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  1. High ping

    LUL the remaining 2 servers are about the shutdown anytime now... You are asking for them to open more
  2. Server Consolidation — May 1

    keks 2017 I said what they would do to demon stones and what would happen to server populations. fanboys said I was nuts. ROFL Once Lost Ark reach the west this game is 100% doomed, not too long now.
  3. Dawnforged/Riftwalk 3 from event is a noob trap?

    They didn't hear ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. They've increased Raven's cost to force you go 3 slots weapon or waste days farming boxes... I give you one month until new players realize how expensive hammers are and cry in faction chat after learning some unlucky need 44 of them.
  4. Server delays and ping issues will never be fixed

    Internet in US is ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Tell me one person you know whose connection is 100% optic fiber cables... This is not Korea, a line like that will cost you upwards $3000 a month; in this case isn't entirely game's fault.
  5. Raven output close to double dps of that useless solo path. They can't be the same cost and such reduction to solo path should've had come a year ago already.
  6. Fleeting Fury Soul/Pet to Brilliant Fleeting Fury Soul/Pet Aura

    Weapon is 3 slots. Usual scam to sell gold/hammers to unaware noob players later on.
  7. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    You fools didn't even notice they removed DEMON stones from the game. You cannot drop them anymore in Cold Storage, you have to pay 100 orbs to buy 1 of them now. These devs are silently waiting until all Demon Stones players are consumed then everybody will run out of Sacred Oils; once that happens they will add another Soul upgrade requiring 100+ Oils and the only way for you to acquire any Oil will be bundle of 50 Oils from Trove Key with a drop chance of 0,5% (that means 2000 keys until you see any). Everyone who invested money on this game is a fool, myself included. Huge regrets!
  8. Ideas to improve the game

    Whales will scream NO every time anyone points out how ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ system is because: "-but muh gold, I need sell raid runs" Change that and they instantly leave the game.
  9. What happen to Naksun 10 moonstone bundle

    Blatant lies above. 250 runs, zero bundle drop; not even whale got respect anymore now?!
  10. Ideas to improve the game

    This game is pretty much dead... Peek times they have servers around 3~5k players online, this way far behind from "MMO" numbers, any bad game on Steam have like 10 times more players online than this. So what they do is extend the grind to impossible levels so then the addicted ones that's left stay with the game for as many years as possible. This is why you have this nonsense grindfest and they nerf ALL material availability everywhere; if they let you all progress the game dies. That simple.
  11. That far mark is a troll. He should never jump, ever. And that's what's going to happen on pugs, some troll gonna take mark and right before the mec he jumps and wipe everyone for the luls :)
  12. Next week in Blade & Visa LLC: "/f WTS Weekly Raid run 100g apply!!" New Player's Pc: "-Are you sure you want to unistall Blade & Soul? [Yes]" Tard "community": "-Game is dead, only whales play now. They recruit nobody, we can't progress unless we buy raid runs for 2000g!!" --Proceeds to acc selling website--
  13. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    Both these "events" are just meant to force you buy sealing charms next trove. You will get a pet, you got a soul, and they know you're trying the new class launched next trove and they know you will transfer both soul and pet to the new warrior/archer. Let me guess, before pet sealing being available, this event never happened on Western servers... Or am I wrong?!
  14. The ppl who build "netcode" are EpicGames creators of the engine. B&S devs simply use that code and attach their database server to it. They wouldn't have any idea what you're talking about btw, in Korea "high ping" is 14ms ~ 16ms mainly because it's a closed ecosystem and the country is tiny + fully covered by optic fiber cables.
  15. Let's bring this back up again.

    In Korean server those materials drop a lot ans there's chests that even reward PACKS of them. In NA/EU this is a cashgrab so they will never let you get tradable materials easily because this is where they milk you in F10. 'muricans asked for "F2P" instead of simply paying for a fair monthly fee to play... Well, there you have it.